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Catcher trend

The Expert Advisor very accurately determines the trend! Signals are generated based on the values of the indicator WATR, two Moving Averages' crossing, and MACD. The EA has numerous flexible settings, including the ones allowing you to customize the indicators and select appropriate risks! It is better to trade on higher timeframes as the trend is more stable and clearly visible. Try not to take serious risks as it may lead to losses.

Attention! The cost of the EA can be increased after every few sales!


Basic settings
  • Lot - trading lot value.
  • Auto_lot - set the value for the automatic calculation of the lot depending on the deposit. The lot is calculated by the formula: balance*Auto_lot/10 000.
  • Martingale - martingale, if 0 - disabled.
  • TakeProfit - take profit.
  • StopLoss - stop loss.
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop.
  • TrailingStep - step of trailing stop from the current price.
  • Filtr - filter for indicators. If 1, signals are taken one bar ago allowing the EA to sort out small signals. When set to 2 or more, signals are taken two or more bars back.

WATR Settings (Settings of the indicator WATR)...

MA1 Settings (Settings of the Moving Average indicator 1)...

MA2 Settings (Settings of the Moving Average indicator 2)...

Settings MACD (Settings of the MACD)...

Time settings (trading time settings)

  • Monday - permit trading on Monday.
  • Start Hour - start hour of trade on Monday.
  • Start Minute - start minute of trade on Monday.
  • Hour stop - trading stop hour on Monday.
  • Minute stop - trading stop minute on Monday.

Then follow the same settings for each subsequent day of the week (Monday - Friday).

Additional settings

  • Magic number - magic number.
  • Color_buy - color of the buy orders.
  • Color_sell - color of sell orders.
  • Info - enable/disable the output of trading info.

ATTENTION! Before buying a robot, try the demo version. Buy it only if you fully satisfied with the demo version! Thank you for your purchase and good luck in your trading!

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