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Candle fighter is a very unusual professional night scalper with excellent long-term backtesting results. It uses advanced market entry and exit algorithms during the Asian session.

The EA is not very sensitive to spread, as normal scalpers are.

In addition, the Expert Advisor uses only closed candlestick to perform all trading operations.

The EA is very stable - backtest results show a smooth rising curve of returns since 2000.

The EA does not use high-risky strategies like martingale or arbitrage.

Tight stops are used for all trades. However, they rarely get hit since the EA exits before they trigger.

The EA checks whether the stop levels are set, whether there is a connection to the network, and if not, it fixes the situation. It can also repeat an operation in case order opening/closure/modification failed.

A volatility filter is used in the EA. It also includes a maximum spread control.

The EA can recognize its own orders.

Four money management options are available.

The Expert Advisor contains three of the most powerful and efficient trailing stop types.

Profit of an order is protected by the breakeven function.

The robot supports quotes with any number of decimal places, ECN and standard accounts.

The EA performs well on gbpusd, eurusd, audusd and usdcad. Choose timeframe М15.

The Expert Adviser will surprise both novices and experienced users!


  1. Any deposit currency.
  2. Working pairs: gbpusd, eurusd, audusd and usdcad
  3. Working timeframe М15
  4. Better use on a vps, because its operation hours are 19 to 7 GMT. StartHour (21) and StopHour (9) settings are adjusted for a broker with GMT +2.
  5. It is desirable, but not necessary to use the EA with a broker who provides low spreads.
  6. We strongly recommend to use protection against gaps.


  • ExpertName - a comment to orders
  • Magic - magic number, if set to 0 the EA generates its own magic number.
  • MaxSpread - maximum allowed spread value
  • SL - stop loss size in points
  • TP - take profit size in points
  • LotVariant - lot calculation option: fixed, percent of deposit, fixed portion, based on volatility
  • FixLot - fixed lot value
  • Risk - risk value
  • MoneyForMinLot - fixed portion value
  • VolRisk - volatility based risk
  • VolHistBars - history for volatility calculation
  • UseDynamicDecrease - use dynamic lot decrease in case of a drawdown
  • DynamicDecreaseFactor - ratio to decrease lot
  • Allow_Second_Open_Trade - an additional order in case of a drawdown
  • Distance - a distance of the stop of the main order as %, where an additional order should be opened
  • Lot_Factor - lot size of the additional order as % of the main order lot
  • AllowPartialExit - allow partial closure
  • ExitDistance - exit level as % of the take profit
  • ClosePercent - % of the full lot to close
  • TralOnPips - enable the standard trailing stop
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop in points
  • UseTrailingByATR - enable ATR based trailing stop
  • AtrPeriod - ATR period
  • AtrCoeff - ATR ratio
  • UseMATrailing - MA based trailing stop
  • iMAPeriod - MA period
  • iMAShift - MA shift
  • iMAMethod - MA calculation method
  • iApplPrice - MA calculation price
  • iMAOtstup - offset from MA
  • UseBE - enable use of breakeven
  • BELevel - profit level to move to breakeven
  • BEPlusPips - number of points to add to breakeven
  • UseGapProtection - enable protection against gaps
  • LastFridayTradeHour - last operation hour on Friday
  • UseForceClose - use forced closure
  • ForceCloseHour - hour to forcedly close orders on Friday
  • Slippage - max slippage allowed
  • ECNAccount - enable this option if you use a ECN account.
  • UseComments - enable comments for the EA actions in the terminal journal
  • StartHour - operation start hour
  • StopHour - operation end hour
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