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And stop and reverse MT4

And stop and reverse MT4 is a trend Expert Advisor which uses no indicators.

Trading Strategy:

And stop and reverse MT4 trades any currency pair and any timeframe. The strategy is based on accompanying an open position with a trailing stop and reversing it when the trailing stop triggers. The first position is opened with the triggering of the Buystop or Sellstop order above and below the current price. On Friday at 23:00 terminal time all positions and orders are closed for the weekend. Additional control is placing a Buylimit order much below the current price - new orders cannot be opened, and old ones are managed by the EA. It is recommended to turn on the EA before important events - the interest rate, NonFarm and others.

Input parameters:

  • LOT - constant lot size;
  • TrailingStop - the main optimized parameter - about 38 points for 4-digit quotes (380 points for 5-digit quotes);
  • TP - takeprofit, it is recommended to set as as large as possible;
  • magic - magic number for the Expert Advisor to identify its positions.
2017.03.13 19:55   

I purchased this robot.. In the forward test on demo account it did not work like in the backtest. The backtest is great but the forward test was not good. Author, do you have any advice?