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Catcher rollback

The Expert Advisor strategy implies opening orders where a trend is likely to start, ti change or to roll back, based on the built-in indicator values.

The Expert Advisor is only designed for trading Н1. It is recommended to run the Expert Advisor on multiple pairs simultaneously using MagicNumber.

Use a VPS for uninterrupted 24/5 operation.

All parameters are calculated automatically, except for:

  • DrawDownPercent - drawdown percent to prevent the EA from starting a new series of trades on the currency pair, for which there are no open orders.
  • MagicNumber - the magic number for using the EA on multiple pairs.

The required deposit is 10,000 on a cent account and $3000 on a dollar account.

The algorithm includes lot increase and partial position locking.

Closing losing trades to breakeven.

Trades are closed at a certain profit level.

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