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Imperial Scalper

Please, launch the EA on EURCHF M15 ( Live / Demo ). DO NOT attach it to multiple charts, EA will analyse and trade necessary pairs from one single chart of your choice. However, only the current chart will be used in strategy tester (USDCHF, EURGBP, AUDCAD, EURCHF, GBPCAD, EURCAD, GBPAUD, GBPUSD). No set files needed.

Automatic access to required pairs: It is necessary to have instruments visible in MT4 Market Watch in order to get some of their data. Imperial Scalper makes this process easier and faster for you by automatically selecting and adding any of its 8 required pairs in Market Watch during initialization if they're not already present.

An above average performance VPS with latency below 50 ms is recommended.

Live signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/229830


  • instrument_prefix: symbol prefix (if any);
  • instrument_middlefix: symbol middle fix/infix (if any);
  • instrument_suffix: symbol suffix(if any);
  • fixed_lotsize: fixed lotsize for orders (used if trade_risk_percent = 0);
  • trade_risk_percent: risk per trade (as a percent of balance);
  • order_comment: comment for orders;
  • order_magic: magic number for orders;


  • hour_stop_trading (defaults for: GMT +2): hour to suspend trading. Important: change according to your broker's timezone (required in tester only);
  • hour_start_trading (defaults for: GMT +2): hour to resume trading. Important: change according to your broker's timezone (required in tester only);


  • Automatically adds all required pairs in Market Watch during initialization;
  • 8 pairs traded from a single chart (launch on EURCHF M15);
  • No martingale / grid and risky strategies;
  • Integrated risk management;
  • You can choose to trade with a fixed lot-size or integrated money management;
  • Always using stop loss;
  • Hidden stop loss and take profit in addition to visible ones: avoid stop hunting;
  • Very easy to setup and launch, no set files needed;
  • Automatically adjusts to 4 and 5 digits;
  • Trades ECN, Cent and Standard/Market Maker accounts;
  • Trades on Asian session resulting in decreased slippage;
  • Minimum starting balance: $100 or $1 on a Cent account;
  • High level of match of Real Spread Back-tests and Live Trading;
2016.11.03 14:51 

Thanks for the discount! Very satisfied with NewsGrabber and client support so far. I'll update my reviews based on results.


UPDATE: 17.12.2015

Nice few winning trades. I have a similar robot which did well at first and to be realistic I think it's still early to judge, we'll see if it keeps making money!

So far so good :)


UPDATE: 01.01.2016

Good profitable month! Happy New Year by the way!


Great Update! Keep Up the Good Work!

Chris Mechen
2016.10.25 19:59 

im quite new to the market and still getting to know my way around.i bought this as my first E.A and would recomend this to anyone. easy to use,starts earning almost straight away and the service from the author is 5 star.IF YOU ARE A NEWBIE ....LOOK NO FURTHER!

Eloy Romero
2016.09.27 22:39 

Not working at all like owner's video, neither with quality test neither in forward test. Waste of money, time and energy.

Maurice Lacroix
2016.01.12 12:21 

Imperial Scalper, is a clever expert advisor, but need an account with not so huge slippage. Strategy is sound, and one important thing is that backtests are equal (more or less) to the forward test. Of course the end of the year/the start of the year is not a proper period for scalpers, but as you saw, Imperial since started do the job with a reasonable drawdown (5% in the period of writing) Customer care is top, The creator is always available if something is wrong in your setup. So for this price, Really, you will not be able to find out another deal like this.

I really suggest to people. One of the most important thing is use the bot, in ECN envinroment.

5 stars, no doubt.

2015.12.16 17:28 

it EA best scalper strong and profitable

The price is excellent

Good support so far ..

Higher efficiency

Version 5.0 - 2017.01.31
- expert rebuilt based on real variable spread backtests
- updated traded instruments with best performing ones
Version 4.31 - 2017.01.09
- fixed issues with USDJPY Stop Losses
Version 4.30 - 2016.12.26
- various bugfixes & improvements
Version 4.20 - 2016.12.07
- Removed DLL restrictions
- Fixed scenario when broker does not provide minimum and maximum lot size info
- Fixed scenario when broker does not provide lot step info
Version 4.12 - 2016.12.01
- Fixed Timing Filter
- Fully Automated Timing Filter (demo and live trading)
- Automatic access to required pairs
- Higher precision timer based logic
- Minor Improvements
Version 4.0 - 2016.10.31
- Logic has been completely upgraded with "upckgi" update.
Version 3.34 - 2015.11.25
- fixed order opening and closing loop on friday
- stress-tested improved filters
- smarter profit protection
- minor fixes and improvements
Version 3.33 - 2015.11.18
- fixed default GMT values
- added horizontal and vertical lines
- added stable average spread filter
- minor fixes and improvements
- fixed invalid entry price message
Version 3.32 - 2015.11.13
- added average spread indicator for previous entries
- minor improvements and fixes
- improved logic and increased stability