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Most of the robots are afraid of sharp price changes and avoid trading during news release times. This robot does the opposite, it commercializes most dangerous market situation and does not trade in a quiet market.

Stop orders can be placed based on indicators, candlesticks or in points. By default stop orders are placed based on candlesticks. Practice shows it is the optimal method for placing stop orders. After order opening price may fluctuate for some time between the candlestick open time and the order open time, before it continues to move in the original direction.

Therefore it is best to set a stop order based on the opening prices of candlesticks. The candlestick size is additionally taken into account. The larger the candlesticks, the stronger is the momentum and the greater is the distance to the stop order. Conversely, the smaller the candlesticks, the weaker momentum and the closer stop orders.

In cases where orders are opened at the end of candlestick formation (when the reversal probability is much higher) and stop orders are placed too far from the price, an order is close by an opposite signal of the indicator block. By default Parabolic SAR is used, the indicator is ideal for the determining price reversal. In these cases it quickly adjusts and produces an opposite signal.

The strategy works since 2008. Before this time the strategy was not consistent with market conditions.

  • The Expert Advisor works during news releases
  • This is a multi-currency robot, working on 10 pairs at a time
  • Set automatically
  • Works in turbo mode to provide high-speed operation
  • Does not collect drawdown
  • Two-tiered deposit protection
  • Parameter optimization tis not required


  • MethodTrade - select trading method as a drop-down list:
    • Arbitrary - arbitrary (no auto adjustment)
    • Aggressive - aggressive (auto adjustment of several parameters, the default values are left for the rest)
    • Conservative - conservative (auto adjustment of several parameters, the default values are left for the rest)
    • Smooth - smooth (auto adjustment of several parameters, the default values are left for the rest)
  • Symbols - the number of active pairs, from 1 to 10, it is a drop-down list:
    • One_pair
    • Two_pairs
    • Three_pairs
    • Four_pairs
    • Five_pairs
    • Six_pairs
    • Seven_pairs
    • Eight_pairs
    • Nine_pairs
    • Ten_pairs
  • Tools - the list of default currency pairs: GBPUSD/EURUSD/USDJPY/USDCHF/USDCAD/AUDUSD/EURJPY/EURGBP/EURCHF. The robot reads the list from left to right
Note: In the above list of symbols, entering symbols with a different number of characters is prohibited. If you fill it out incorrectly in the middle of the list, it will trade reading the first symbols till an error. If the error occurs at the top of the list, the robot will trade using the current symbol
  • AStoploss - a drop down list of available functions for placing stop orders:
    • SL_Pips - in points
    • SL_Candles - based on candlesticks
    • SL_Parabolic - using Parabolic SAR
    • SL_Moving - using Moving Average
  • Remove - deleting orders by an opposite signal of the additional indicator block (one or more additional indicators can be enabled through parameters UseCrossMA and UseSAR)
  • OneOrder - a limiter of one order per one candlestick (in most cases this prevents from opening orders at the end of a candlestick formation)
  • Period_Candles - candlestick analysis chart for placing a stop order (the higher the period, the larger is the distance to stop orders, because the candlestick size depends on the formation time)
  • Magic - EA identifier
  • StopLoss - protective stop order level in points
  • RiskPercent - the risk for automatic money management
  • Slippage - maximum deviation from the requested price
  • TrailStart - the distance from the order, where trailing of stop orders is enabled
  • UseTime - trading by time (server time is applied)
  • BeginTime - start of trading
  • EndTime - end trading
  • Spread - maximum allowed spread
  • Comments - display information on a chart


  • VPS is recommended. According to the strategy the robot has to have good server connectivity
  • The default pairs are recommended
  • Recommended period is H1
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Version 3.0 - 2015.12.10
Revised some EA modules.
Version 2.0 - 2015.11.25
There are three trading methods - aggressive, conservative, and smooth.
A method should be selected depending on trading conditions. Aggressive one requires almost perfect execution of orders, which depends primarily on a broker and server connection. The second method is less strict since trading is performed only in the direction of a trend and the distance between a stop order and the price is doubled.

When opening an order, we expect a slight execution delay. Thus, one or two points may be enough to prevent us from making a profit. The price may oscillate for some time before moving in the direction of an impulse.

The third method involves following the trend, while stop orders are placed by candles. It is believed that the larger the candles, the stronger the impulse and the farther stop orders are placed, and vice versa.

In the strategy tester, aggressive method proves to be the most efficient since there are no order execution delays in the tester. In real trading, everything depends on your broker and server connection.

Due to the EA modification and changes in the market conditions, the trading robot is now most efficient on EURUSD. GBPUSD was leading previously.

Aggressive trading is set by default. If the EA suffers one loss after another, the trading conditions do not correspond to the specified requirements and you should replace the trading method with a less strict one.