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Aggressive Scalper Gama

Aggressive Scalper Gama is based on Perfect Scalper Yoga engine and experience I've got coding it. This scalper uses multiple breakout strategies as well and has different and wider range of trading opportunities resulting in more aggressive and frequent trading. Works on EURUSD and GBPUSD H1 and H4 timeframes, you can monitor live account signals here: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/tobeone

Please, backtest or rent the strategy to ensure that it meets your expectations.

Easy to use. For best results I recommend a broker with an average Spread+Commission less than 10 points and STOPLEVEL 0.

Input Parameters:

  • orderComment: order comment
  • orderMagicNumber: order magic number
  • MaxSpreadPoints: maximum allowed spread to leave orders open
  • StableSpreadPoints: maximum allowed spread to open new orders
  • FridayCloseHour: Hour to close all pending orders on Friday (by MT4 MarketWatch time)
  • StopLossPoints: Stop Loss in points
  • TakeProfitPoints: Take Profit in points
  • TrailingStopPoints: Trailing Stop, disabled if 0
  • TrailDelayPoints: wait this extra amount of points each time before moving trailing stop
  • ImminentTrail: if true, expert will not wait till order is in profit and move trailing stop immediately
  • BreakEvenPoints: points in profit for breakeven to be activated, disabled if 0
  • BreakEvenLockPoints: how many points to lock after breakeven is activated
  • TradeRiskPercent: percent of account balance to risk per each trade
  • FixedLotSize: fixed lotsize for orders, if more than zero, prevails over TradeRiskPercent
  • startHour: hour to start trading (opening new positions) each day (0-23 means 24 hour trading)
  • endHour: hour to end trading each day
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Version 2.12 - 2015.11.16
- minor improvements and fixes
- added average spread indicator for precise entries