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The QuoteChangesMT5 indicator displays the price change for a given list of currencies since opening of a candle. Information is displayed on the chart as text labels in the following format: <currency>: <percentage change> (<change in points>). Thus, the QuoteChangesMT5 indicator allows you to monitor changes in quotations of several currencies on different timeframes at the same time.


  • TimeFrame - timeframe of a candle, opening of which is used for price change calculation
  • PairsList - list of currencies separated by ;
  • PositiveNumberColor - text color for a positive price change
  • NegativeNumberColor - text color for a negative price change
  • FontSize - font size
  • FontName - font name
  • TableCorner - chart corner to display information: LeftUpper - upper left corner, LeftLower - lower left corner, RightUpper - upper right corner, RightLower - lower right corner.
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