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StalkerFx eurusd Lite

StalkerFX eurusd Lite is a fully automated Expert Advisor for long-term Forex trading developed specifically for EURUSD H1.

The EA is fully optimized for Н1.

It detects candle patterns, sets pending orders and trades specified level breakthroughs.

The trading robot features efficient and secure money management system (all trades are accompanied by stop losses).

Important Features

  • The EA does not fit results with historical data
  • No martingale
  • No grid
  • No arbitrage
  • Stop loss is always applied
  • Pending orders are applied
  • Optional trailing stop for reducing drawdowns and increasing profit
  • Good risk reward ratio
  • Low drawdown
  • The EA is able to trade a fixed lot to secure a strategy
  • The product works with money management system ММ
  • The EA is suitable for any broker offering five-digit quotes
  • No need to optimize


  1. Any brokers with any spread
  2. VPS 24/5
  3. Any spread
  4. The minimum deposit is 1 000
  5. The minimum leverage - 1:50


  • IntervalforSL - distance for a stop loss level in pips;
  • lot - fixed lot (if no MM is used);
  • Magic - EA magic number;
  • Slippage - slippage in points;
  • ExpDate - pending order expiration (in hours);
  • Bar2Size - size of an external candle, the shadows of which are used to form a pattern;
  • KoefTP - take profit/stop loss ratio;
  • Bu - value, at which an order is moved to breakeven;
  • BuLevel - value (in pips) to be considered a breakeven;
  • TralStart - profit (in points), after which trailing starts;
  • TralStop - size of a step, by which the profit should decrease, so that an order is closed;
  • MaxSpread - maximum spread value;
  • MaxRisk - risk for the deposit per deal;
  • MA Period - moving average value;
  • MM - enable/disable money management;
  • Risk - % of a deposit percentage to be put at risk at each deal.

Attention! The positive results in the past do not guarantee profit in the future!

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