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Maung Scalper

This Expert Adviser uses scalping based on the strength of the current trend movement and some standard MT4 indicators.

  • No martingale.
  • No grid trading.
  • No arbitrage.
  • Stops are tight.

It uses data from M1 and M5 timeframes for analysis.

The EA is designed for working on ECN accounts with any major currency pairs with a small spread and low stop level.

The trading robot can run on several instruments simultaneously.

The recommended chart timeframe is M1 or М5.

VPS hosting 24/7 is strongly.

Further details will be provided in the Comments tab.

Main Input Parameter

  • x_factor = 7.0 - you can put this value ranged from 0 to 10. This parameter determines the aggressiveness of the EA. The smaller the value, the more aggressive and less accurate the EA. You can learn to get the value that matches with the broker and the pair played. My recommendation for this value is 5.0 - 7.0.

Other Inputs

  • MagicNumber = 999 - used to identify an order.
  • Stoploss=5 - stop loss in pips. 10 is 10 pips.
  • TrailingStop = 2 - trailing stop size in pips.
  • PendingDistancePips = 2 - distance in pips betwen running price and pending order.
  • MaxSpread=2 - maximum spread accepted to trade.
  • M1_HiloCandleFilter = true - if true, the EA just trade if M1 timeframe current candle range (High minus Low) more than defined in MinimumCandleRangePips.
  • MinimumCandleRangePips=10, use if M1_HiloCandleFilter = true.
  • AutoMM = true - set to true to enable auto money management. If false, FixedLots is used.
  • Risk = 3.0 - risk value.
  • FixedLots = 0.01 - if you want to trade a fixed lot (do not forget to set AutoMM = false in this case).


Fahmi Hakim – programming expert in modeling and development of automated trading systems with more than 7 years of Forex experience.

Naser Merovci
2015.11.26 23:36 

This Expert Advisor is terrible. It has nothing to do with reality. Both Real and demo account it has failed. Only losses.

Do not buy this EA! It does not work