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Stochastic Alert

Stochastic_Alert, sends alerts, push-notification and emails and comment and play sounds. It works in all time frames and every currency. You can modify input settings.

When stochastic crosses under down_level, it alerts you to buy.

When stochastic cross over top_level, it alert you to sell.

You can enable and disable alert in the Meta Trader 4 platform and also enable and disable email and notifications in options of meta trader 4 . Please see the pictures to find out how it works.

Input parameters

  • top_level: Overbought level
  • down_level: Oversold level
  • k_period: %k in stochastic oscillator
  • d_period: %d in stochastic oscillator
  • slowing: slowing in stochastic oscillator
  • MA_METHOD: Include four modes: 1-simple 2-exponential 3-smoothed 4-linear weighted
  • price_field: include two modes: 1-low/high 2-close/close;
  • shift: include of two modes 1-zero 2-one, zero mode, calculate first candle but maybe send many signals or wrong signal, but one mode, calculate Previous candle . default mode is zero mode.
  • play_sound: includes two modes: 1-true 2-false
  • comment: include two modes: 1-true 2-false
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Version 2.0 2016.10.25

1. add some editable variables of Stochastic Oscillator in this expert that including of :
top_level(default is 80)
down_level(default is 20)
Price field (default is Low/High)
MA Method(default is simple)

2. Added the ability to perform calculations in two modes.
Current candle (shift=0)
Previous candle (shift=1) . default is shift=1

2. add Comment

3. add Play sounds