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MTF Variable Index Dynamic Average VIDyA

Multi-timeframe version of the standard Variable Index Dynamic Average (VIDyA, VIDA) indicator.

Input parameters:

  • TimeFrame - used time frame:
    Can be any of ENUM_TIMEFRAMES values.
  • TimeCorrection - use time correction:
    Can be true or false (see the first screenshot: true is the first indicator, false is the second indicator).
  • PeriodCMO - Period (bars count) for the Chande Momentum Oscillator calculation:
    Can be larger than 0.
  • PeriodEMA - EMA period (bars count) for smoothing factor calculation:
    Can be larger than 0.
  • Shift - Shift of the indicator relative to the price chart:
    Can be larger than 0.
  • AppliedPrice - the price used.
    Can be any of the price constants ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE.

You can use several instances of the indicator at the same time on the same chart.

MTF version is very helpful for developers. It has been made with its own optimized MTF converter.

Use Every tick when you test it in the Strategy Tester.

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