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Lightweight Scalper

Lightweight Scalper is a scalper expert advisor that it has been designed to work efficiently with the minimum number of parameters and indicators.

Simply attach the EA in the chart you wish to trade, modify if you wish some parameters and let the EA run.


  • Very few parameters to be changed
  • Low Risk
  • Reasonable Stop Loss Used
  • Optimization Capabilities


The trading robot has been found to work more efficiently during 22:00-24:00 GMT Hours. Therefore if you wish to follow these trading hours you would need to adjust the time filter to fit the trading hours of your broker.

The default settings are for GBPUSD M15.

You can however experiment and optimise the EA for other pairs also.


  • WPR_Method: EA will use the Williams Percent Range (WPR) indicator for trades
  • WPR_Period: Period of WPR indicator
  • WPR_Entry: WPR value for opening trades
  • WPR_Exit: WPR value for exiting trades
  • CCI_Method: EA will use the Commodity Chanel Index (CCI) indicator for trades
  • CCI_Period: Period of CCI indicator
  • CCI_Entry: CCI value for opening trades
  • CCI_Exit: CCI value for exiting trades
  • Use_With_Loss_Recovery: For making it compatible with the Loss Recovery Trader EA
  • Take_Profit: Take Profit in Pips
  • Stop Loss: Stop Loss in Pips
  • Lot : Lot size
  • Auto_Lot: Set to true to have the Lot Size be calculated as percentage of balance
  • Lot_Percents: When Auto Lot is true
  • Use_Time_Zone_1 : Enables First Time Zone restrictions
  • Time_Zone_1_Start: First Time Zone start time
  • Time_Zone_1_End: First Time Zone end time
  • Use_Time_Zone_2 : Enables Second Time Zone restrictions
  • Time_Zone_1_Start: Second Time Zone start time
  • Time_Zone_2_End: Second Time Zone end time
  • Trade_Fridays: Enables trading on Fridays
  • Close_Trades_on_Friday: Enables closing on Friday
  • Friday_Close_Time :Close on Friday time
  • Use_Spread_Filter: Avoid taking trades when spread is too high
  • Max_Spread: Max spread value
  • Enable_Trailing_Stop: Enable a trailing stop
  • Trailing_Stop_Start_Level: Trailing stop activation level in pips
  • Trailing_Stop_Distance: Trailing stop distance in pips
  • Show_Comments: Show some comments on a chart
  • Text_Color: Text color
  • Slippage: Maximum allowed slippage
  • EA_Orders_Comment: Order comments
  • Magic: EA magic number
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