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Triplex is an Expert Advisor based on three excellent indicators of the Forex market - ADX, Moving Average and Alligator ensuring greater safety when opening or closing an order. Moreover, it has a Lots Calculator based on certain indicators to set the size of a lot before opening an order! Take the test and see for yourself the results of this powerful combination!

As we are launching this product, it is being sold at a promotional price for a limited time! Enjoy fast!


  • MaxLots - max lot size to trade by symbol you are running.
  • TrailingStart - value to start running a trailling stop. Set the value less than TakeProfit.
  • StopLoss - size of your stop loss, this value indicates how much in pips you are willing to risk in an order, I always recommend values greater than 300 pips.
  • TakeProfit - size of your take profit, this is the maximum profit you will get in a single order, in pips, I recommend values greater than 300 pips.
  • MinAdx - min value of main Adx to verify an buy or sell state.
  • MaxOpenOrdersBySymbol - max number of orders can be opened on a single symbol (if this EA trades EURUSD and EURGBP, and this number is set to 1 for these two symbols, it always has two orders opened at the same time).
  • AdxPeriodCalc - number of bars (period) to calculate Adx values, I recommend something between 9 and 12.
  • MagicNumer - number to identify orders opened for this EA.
  • DifADX - min difference between Max Adx (indicator) and Min Adx (indicator) to decide to buy or sell.
  • MovingBigPeriod - number of bars (period) to calculate a big indicator for simple moving average, it always has to be greater than MovingSmallPeriod, I recommend 26.
  • MovingSmallPeriod - number of bars (period) to calculate a small indicator for simple moving average, always has to be less than MovingBigPeriod, I recommend 9.
  • AutoCloseOrders - whether the EA should or should not automatically close orders to identify the need (if this value is false, orders will only be closed upon reaching the stop loss/take profit).
2016.01.05 23:07 

1 month trial..loser bad EA

Version 1.1 - 2015.12.01
Order Modify Alert, corrected.