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Millennium is a system that trades on the basis of the highest penetration of low and high, and on the basis of crossing moving averages. This can happen as a trend, and beyond.

The original idea was to open only one trade a day, but soon was added to the system filter, which filtered bad days.

The strategy was used on a real account, which was profitable. However, We think that it is too volatile and are not suitable for a big accounts. But its ready for a small accounts.


  • MagicNumber - Use it everytime
  • Lots10K - money management, lot size is adjusted by ratio to 10K deposit; 0 = disabled
  • TrailingSL, TrailingTP - Trailing Stop Loss and Trailing Take Profit will be actived with SL and TP parameter size
  • CloseByCloseTime - close order the same day when CloseHour and CloseMinute is reached
  • Reopen - false = stop reopening today closed trades (only one trade per day); true = when trade reach TP os SL the EA will open trade again
  • MaxAllowedSpread - max spread size for opening new orders; in points: 50 = 5pips (with 5 digits brokers)
  • ATR_Bars - using ATR period for SL,TP and Trailing SL and Trailing TP. 0 = disabled.
  • TradeDuration - Trade will be closed after a specified number of hours (etc 12, 24, 72,...)
  • EAtimeframe - Timeframe 0 = M1, 1 = M5,... 7 = W1, You can try all periods with step 1 from 0 to 7 when backtesting
  • FastMA, SlowMA - Periods of crossed Simple MA (filter)
  • HighLowBars - Finding High and Low X bars in history (filter)FinishingMode - stop all new orders but still taking care of opened orders to their end

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