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Usualexpert is a MetaTrader 4 Expert Advisor proven in action on real accounts. It is based on support/resistance line breakthrough and selects the extremums, at which the price meets the greatest resistance. The EA works with buy stop and sell stop orders. Tight stop losses are applied. When a trend weakens and there is a chance of a reversal, the EA sets a trailing stop at a breakeven level. The trading robot does not use martingale, trailing, scalping, or hedging and has been designed for EURUSD. The money management system has been efficiently optimized to protect against a deposit loss. No optimization required. You can select an amount of lots when launching the EA. The param.bin file is generated in the "sandbox" for storing the launch parameters. They should remain intact. To reset the parameters, delete the file.


  1. Use a broker offering five-digit quotes.
  2. Trade only on EURUSD.
  3. The minimum deposit is 50 USD.


  1. ECN and PRO accounts are recommended due to low spread. You can use other account types as well, though the result will be a bit worse.
  2. Trade 0.3 lots per each $1 000. The higher the value, the greater the risk.
  3. Account currency: USD. If you use any other currency, make sure to perform conversion, since the lot size has been calculated for USD.
  4. Leverage is 1:500
  5. It is not recommended to manually delete old pending orders, as this directly affects the performance and the result.


Suppose that your deposit is 5 000 USD. The contract size is 5 000/1 000*0.3=1.5 lots.

Strategy Tester Results

15-year test on EURUSD (01.01.2000 - 02.10.2015) shows a stable growth from the very beginning.

The spread is 17 points for five-digit accounts which is slightly higher than the actual value. Besides, the tester does not consider the "0.3 lots per $1 000" requirement. Therefore, the actual result is slightly higher than the test one.

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