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Binary Options Martingale Expert Advisor

This Expert Adviser trades binary options. It buys a put or call option according to Moving Average. The conditions for buying and options can be changed by a user.

The charm of this Expert Adviser, is that it automatically sets the invest amount as a martingale system.

If it wins, it will put the same amount again, if it loses, it will put a bigger amount to cover the loss and potential profit of previous losing options, and to make new profit.

It also computes the highest first amount which have the same risk, and puts it automatically.

Use it on your own risk, it can lose all your balance.


  • Candles to expiration, RECOMMENDED 2 on M15 Timeframe - number of candles until the option expires (for example, two candles on M15 timeframe will set expiration time to 30 minutes).
  • Moving Average Period - Moving Average period.
  • Moving Average Distance - minimal distance from Moving Average to open a position.
  • Moving Average Method - method to use for calculating the Moving Average.
  • UID of trading session (enter any number) - unique identifier (UID) to differentiate between different trading sessions (recommended not to multi trade).

For any question or problem, contact me.

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