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Pro Trade Panel

This panel is designed for quick and easy one-click trading. All you need to do is to set up all the necessary parameters and enjoy trading! It supports two languages: English and Russian.

The panel consists of four parts:

1. Trade Window

Standard trading operations are conducted from this window: opening buy and sell trades. A trade is opened for he current symbol.

TakeProfit, StopLoss and Trailing stop can be set for each trade. To do this, mark an appropriate item. The values ​​are entered in points using the input field or by clicking on the increase or decrease button.

For TakeProfit and StopLoss values ​​can be specified in currency instead of points. For convenience, this was implemented as follows: click on the move icon under the text field, then a line will appear. Set this line to the desired level and click on the chart. This sets the price. To reset a fixed price, go to the editing of the text field.

Trailing stop is performed from the breakeven level. It is applied to the entire trade and is active while it is activated on the panel.

2. The Window of Pending Orders

You can add pending orders in this window. They differ from conventional pending orders. Several parameters can be assigned to each pending order: lot size, TakeProfit, StopLoss, price, date and indicator values. Fr each parameter you can indicate the condition to open the order (current value is >,< or = the given value). They can be combined - check the parameters to be used and set theot values here. An order will open when all parameters meet the conditions.

Here are no such things as Buy Stop, Buy limit, etc. They can be implemented as follows: set the required price value in the price parameter and selec > or <.

After closing the panel, the chart or the program, all saved pending orders will be deleted.

To add a pending order, click on "Add a pending order", enter and activate the desired parameters, select conditions to open the order (to change conditions just click on the icon <,>,=) and click on the Buy or Sell button.

To modify a pending order, click on the pencil icon in the list of pending orders. After editing, click Save.

To delete a pending order, click on the icon of the cross in the list of pending orders, or press the Delete button while editing.

Up the up and down arrows to navigate in the list of pending orders.

3. The Window of Signals

Signals based on popular indicators are displayed in this window. Signals on several timeframes are displayed here. Red indicates a sell signal, green - buy signal, gray - no signal.

4. Information Window

The basic account information is displayed here:

  • Balance
  • Spread
  • Account Leverage
  • The number of trades for different periods
  • Profit for different periods
  • Maximum balance drawdown

This panel can be moved to any convenient position. To do this, drag the white square in the upper left corner of the panel to the DESIRED place. If there is no square, double-click on an empty space of the panel.

Attention! To test this panel, please download the free demo version here: Pro Trade Panel Demo

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