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The Expert Advisor is designed for manual trading using trendlines. It has a minimum of settings, and is easy to use.

Operation Principle

When you run the Expert Advisor, it creates two trendlines that need to be moved manually. When the price crosses the blue line upwards, a sell order is closed and a buy order is opened. When the price crosses the red line downwards, a buy order is closed and a sell order is opened.

General Recommendations

Use different magic numbers to trade several currency pairs simultaneously

When you attach the EA to a chart and move lines, disable auto trading in the terminal.

Other objects on the chart do not affect EA operation.

If the account balance is not enough to open a position, the EA is removed from the chart.


The product works on 4 and 5-digit quotes. In the input parameters specify values in points.

  • lot - lot size
  • stoploss - stop loss value
  • takeprofit - take profit value
  • tralstop - the trailing stop function (if set to 0, the function will not be used)
  • magic=555 - a unique identifier of trades
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