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Double Indicator

This Expert Advisor works with twice indicators, adx and simple moving average, it opens an order when this two indicators decide to, ensuring greater security in settlement, besides it has one Trailing Stop that starts to work when the number of pips set on Trailing Start is reached. Shows good results with this default parameters on 2015 first quarter, these parameters were identified after several optimization tests, and are giving me very good results in different symbols. If you like this expert please let us know, if you don't like let us know too, and we will try to make it better!

Lots size are calculated intelligently, the more sure it was estimated, larger lot sizes are traded.


  • MaxLots - Max lot size to trade by symbol, you are running.
  • TrailingStart - value to start to running trailling stop, just work if this number was less than TakeProfit.
  • StopLoss - size of your Stop Loss, this value indicates how much in pips you are willing to risk in an order, i always recommend values greater than 300 pips.
  • TakeProfit - size of your TakeProfit, this is the maximum profit you will get in a single order, in pips, recommend values greater than 300 pips.
  • MinAdx - Min value of Main Adx to verify an buy or sell state.
  • MaxOpenOrdersBySymbol - Max number of orders can be oppened in on single symbol (if this expert are running EURUSD and EURGBP and this number is setted 1 for these two symbols, it always have two orders openned at the same time).
  • AdxPeriodCalc - number of bars (period) to calculate Adx values, i recommend something between 9 and 12.
  • MagicNumer - number to identify orders oppened for this expert.
  • DifADX - Min difference between Max Adx (indicator) and Min Adx(Indicator) to decide to buy or sell.
  • MovingBigPeriod - number of bars (period) to calculate big indicator for simple moving average, always have to be greater than MovingSmallPeriod, i recommend 26.
  • MovingSmallPeriod - number of bars (period) to calculate small indicator for simple moving average, always have to be less than MovingBigPeriod, i recommend 9.
  • AutoCloseOrders - If this value is true, when you have buy orders, and the indicators decide to sell, all orders will be closed, and vice versa.
  • DecreaseFactor - This value is used to decide the size of the lot, I always recommend keeping the default.
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Version 1.1 2015.10.13
New default parameters, identified by running optimization tests