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Key Advantages of the System:

  • Easy to use, minimum of settings
  • No optimization required, the robot is self adjustable
  • Equally consistent with a number of currency pairs
  • Low drawdown and high profitability
  • Works in turbo mode to provide high-speed operation
  • Low cost compared with other similar trading robots


  • Instant order execution - ECN
  • Trouble-free connection to the server - VPS

The robot can operate stably with the following pairs:


Recommended period - М15


  • Stoploss - Distance to the stop loss order
  • MM - Automated money management system
  • Lot - fixed lot value if MM = false
  • RiskPercent - risk % of deposit used to calculate the order size if MM = true
  • Slippage - maximum allowable slippage
  • Spread - maximum allowable spread, the EA will not trade above that
  • Magic - order ID
The strategy has been working since 2008. Before this time the strategy was not consistent with market conditions.
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Version 8.0 - 2015.12.08
Separate EA units revised.
Version 7.0 - 2015.12.03
Changed default settings.
Version 6.0 - 2015.11.19
You probably know that the strategy tester and real trading results turn out to be different quite often. Inexperienced traders claim that this happens due to some sort of deception. However, professionals are aware that there is no deception here. The fact is that the strategy tester does not take order execution delays into account. Besides, tester results are affected by history quality. Therefore, selecting a broker and a server (VPS) becomes a critical task.

Settings that work great in the strategy tester may not be suitable for real trading. Below are two sets of parameters. The first one is perfect for the strategy tester, while the second one works efficiently in real trading.

Parameters for the strategy tester:

AStoploss = SL_Pips
Stoploss = 6
UseSAR = false

These settings are mainly responsible for the trading results. They create an attractive testing graph. Let's examine them closer:

AStoploss = SL_Pips - distance to a stop order is calculated in points. Since order execution delays are absent, the price manages to pass through the red zone (loss-making value) in most cases. After that, a stop order is moved to a breakeven and either follows the price or remains at place, so that the order is closed with a zero result.

In real trading, orders are opened with a delay of one or several points. These are exactly the points that are not enough to move a stop order to breakeven. After that, the price may reverse sharply activating the tight stop loss (Stoploss = 6) and making the order to close in a loss.

Besides, the EA is allowed to open a position against a trend (UseSAR = false) providing the trading robot with a complete freedom of action. In the strategy tester, the EA is able to make profit when trading both along and against a trend since there are no execution delays.

Parameters for real trading:

AStoploss = SL_Candles
Stoploss = 20
UseSAR = true

AStoploss = SL_Candles - stop orders are placed at Open prices of zero (current) candles. The larger the candles, the stronger the impulse and the farther stop orders placed.

During the impulse movement, the price usually moves from the candle Open level to the order Open one continuing its movement in the same direction. Thus, stop orders are not triggered in most cases, and orders are closed with a profit.

Sometimes, the Open price can be below the sell level or above the buy level. In this case, stop orders are set in points. The distance (in points) should not be less than 20 - Stoploss = 20. Besides, it is important to follow a trend with these parameters - UseSAR = true.

Improved operation of individual blocks.
Version 5.0 - 2015.11.17
New parameters:

ModifyTP - Modification of a profit order together with the modification of a stop order (when a stop order is trailed, the profit order is moved further, allowing to securely accumulate profit (in this case the profit order is used to protect the order in case server connection loss).
NoLoss - A distance from the order, where the stop order is moved to breakeven (calculated in points).
MinProfitNoLoss - minimum profit when moving a stop order to breakeven (it is not recommended to set a zero value, please take into account the broker's commission).
Version 4.0 - 2015.11.12
Added a number of functions based on the data obtained in recent days during real trading. Today, the EA has earned 11% of the deposit within a single day. However, I closed the last order manually since it was opened at the very end of the impulse and the price roll-back probability has increased sharply. As a result, my concerns were confirmed. The candle size is about 150 points (1 500 on 5-digit quotes), while a stop order is set at the candle Open price. If the level had been triggered, the entire profit could have been eliminated.

Therefore, I have added the function for switching a candle chart period, so that it is possible to place stop orders based on candle Open prices from lower timeframes. This allows you to considerably decrease the distance to stop orders as compared to placing them on higher timeframes.

Also, I have added the function to limit opening orders ("one candle - one order" principle). The function does not allow the robot to open orders at the final stage of a candle formation.

Also, I have added an important function for closing orders by an opposite signal generated by the indicator block.

Period_Candles - period of the chart candle analysis for placing stop orders.

Remove - delete orders by an opposite signal generated by the indicator block (one or several additional indicators should be enabled).

OneOrder - "one candle - one order" limiter.

Attention! The parameter is enabled by default in order to provide the most secure and stable trading. However, this may affect potential profit. Disable it if you want to increase your turnover but keep in mind that this will increase the amount of orders opened during the price reversals.

Besides, I have added the function for early closing of orders by an opposite signal generated by additional indicators used as the main signal filters. There are three of them, and at least one additional indicator should be enabled together with the Remove parameter.

I do not recommend changing the settings unless you clearly understand what you are doing. I also recommend using Parabolic SAR. This indicator was used during the optimization.
Version 3.0 - 2015.11.06
The EA has been significantly modified: the indicator block has been completely revamped and some useful features have been added.

In real trading, the price often fluctuates between a candle Open price and an order price. This may cause a stop level to be triggered before the price takes a definite direction. Previously, the EA often calculated the price direction correctly but a stop order was placed too close.

Therefore, the EA now features the function for setting stop orders using Parabolic SAR and Moving Average indicators, as well as certain candles. If you choose placing stop orders by Parabolic SAR, set UseSAR to TRUE. Otherwise, the indicator is not taken into account when placing stop orders.

The same goes for Moving Average. Stop orders may be set by candles independently from other parameters. If conditions are not suitable for placing a stop order by indicators or candles, a stop order is placed in points. The Stoploss parameter should always have an appropriate value.

AStoploss - a drop-down list of functions used for placing protective stop orders:
SL_Pips - in points
SL_Candles - by candles
SL_Parabolic - use Parabolic SAR
SL_Moving - use Moving Average

By default, stop orders are set by candles. When using candles, stop orders are placed only by the current candle Open price. In some cases, that may be contrary to the rules of setting stop orders, so they are set in points. Such a method has been selected deliberately, since indicator-based stop orders may be placed too far, while with Parabolic SAR, they are set mostly in the direction of candles without conversion. Candle sizes are considered as well, so that orders are handled correctly.

You cannot evaluate the benefits of the EA updated operation method, since the strategy tester has no execution delays, while in real trading, you should always look for a possible price roll-back before a trend continues.
Version 2.0 - 2015.11.03
New indicator block is added to filter the main signal.

UseCrossMA - enable/disable Мoving Average
Period_MA - indicator period
The_indentation_from_MA - minimum indent from the slow Мoving Average in points
MAFastPeriod - fast Мoving Average period
MASlowPeriod - slow Мoving Average period
UseSAR - enable/disable Parabolic SAR
Period_SAR - indicator period
SARStep - step
SARMaximum - maximum
UseStochastic - enable/disable Stochastic
Period_Stochastic - indicator period
StochK - %K period
StochD - %D period
StochSlowing - slowing

By default one indicator is enabled - Parabolic SAR. To increase security of operation, it is also recommended to use Stochastic. The number of trades will be lower, but the signals will be more accurate.