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This is a trend-following system using combination between genetic algorithm and neural network calculation. All calculations have been tested and optimized in Matlab environment with 6-digit precision method to ensure that the strategy is able to survive on the long-term basis.

The Expert Advisor does not use high-risk trading strategies, like Martingale or Grid. Developed for EURUSD pair, H1 (Hourly) charts and 5-digit brokers. This EA only uses the current timeframe (EA attached) data as input and this EA will NOT work for JPY pairs.

Also 5-digit brokers with low spread under 10 points are best for this EA.


  • Fixed Take Profit = 1 000 points.
  • Trailing SL / Trailing Stop = 20 points.
  • Fixed Stop Loss = 500 points.
  • Slippage = 30 points.
  • Maximum Open Position = 1 position for each signal.
  • Lots = $500 starting balance is suitable for fixed 0.1 lot (UseMM FALSE).
  • UseMM = set TRUE for the money risk management for counting lots.
  • PercentageMM = percentage value for the money risk management.
  • MinBalance = minimum balance for opening a position.
  • Minimum Bars load on chart = 50 bars.
nicola furini
2016.09.21 23:09 

Doesn't work... after 2 week no trades