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Small candles

This EA uses my breakout strategy to open trades. It is based on the previous two candles' price and a break of the last candle High/Low.

It works well on USDJPY. The robot contains a manual stop loss and take profit and a trailing stop based on the previous candle High/Low.

It also has a position sizing feature to increase/decrease the lot size based on a percentage of your account size.


  • Trail=true - trail all open positions for a chart symbol, false =no trailing

Timeframe you want to trail with: the lowest timeframe that is set to true will be the trailing timeframe

  • MNtrail=false - if true, trail on MN1
  • W1trail=false - if true, trail on W1
  • D1trail=false - if true, trail on D1
  • H4trail=false - if true, trail on H4
  • H1trai=false - if true, trail on H1
  • M30trail=false - if true, trail on M30
  • M15trail=false - if true, trail on M15
  • M5trail=false - if true, trail on M5
  • M1trail=false - if true, trail on M1

Entry timeframe you want to use: the lowest timeframe set to true will be used for an entry trigger

  • MNentrytf=false - if true, enrty trigger taken from MN1
  • W1entrytf=false - if true, enrty triggertaken from W1
  • D1entrytf=false - if true, enrty triggertaken from D1
  • H4entrytf=false - if true, enrty triggertaken from H4
  • H1entrytf=false - if true, enrty triggertaken from H1
  • M30entrytf=false - if true, enrty triggertaken from M30
  • M15entrytf=false - if true, enrty triggertaken from M15
  • M5entrytf=false - if true, enrty triggertaken from M5
  • entrywiggle=10 - maximum number of pips allowed to deviate from the buy and sell triggers and still allow trading
  • wiggle=20 - pips added to trailing stop location for price volatility, keeps stops tight but not too tight
  • buyok=true - buying is allowed, false=no buying allowed
  • sellok=true - selling is allowed, false=no selling allowed
  • usePercentMM=true - use your account free margin to determine your lot size, false=use a fixed lot size from below
  • PercentMM=75 - percent of your free margin you want to use to open a position if usePercentMM=true
  • usesmallerlotsforlargeracct=true - reduces the position size for larger account sizes; over $25,000 only if usePercentMM=true
  • lots=0.01 - fixed lot size used when usePercentMM=false
  • TP=140 - take profit in pips
  • SL=25 - stop loss in pips
  • maxspread=2.0 - maximum allowed distance between Bid and Ask prices
  • delaybuysell=86400 - minimum number of seconds to wait after opening a position before opening another new position, i.e. if a trade is opened at 3:00 and then closed at 3:01 and if delaybuysell=3600, then the next trade cannot open until 4:00, 3 600 seconds after the last position opened

Thank you for your interest in my product!


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