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Carbon is an enhanced Angler Expert Advisor enriched by new features.

The EA works with a deposit of $100 and higher (in case the default parameters are applied).

Similarities between Carbon and Angler:

  • no indicators used
  • not dependent on a timeframe
  • use pending orders, thus remaining unaffected by re-quotes and connection issues

Differences between Carbon and Angler:

  • Carbon features "the EA pause" function
  • Carbon has smart TakeProfit level allowing you to improve efficiency and decrease drawdowns
  • Carbon has more correct lot size and risk setting
  • Carbon can withstand simultaneous manual and/or automated trading, as well as terminal resets.


  • Work_Expert - enable/disable the EA;
  • Yes_Buy - switcher, whether opening Buy orders is allowed
  • Yes_Sell - switcher, whether opening Sell orders is allowed
  • Step_Grid - grid step to place an order
  • Real_TakeProfit - sometimes, it may seem that the broker is trading against you, especially when only a single pip separates the price from triggering your TakeProfit, but instead, it reverses and goes the opposite direction. This parameter allows you to hide your TakeProfit.
    • If true, the EA exposes an actual TakeProfit.
    • If false, TakeProfit is not set. Instead, Carbon closes orders on its own when a TakeProfit level is reached.
    • Attention! If Real_TakeProfit = false, good connection is a must.
  • max_TakeProfit - if only a single order is opened, it is closed at a specified level
  • min_TakeProfit - if a few orders are opened, TakeProfit is reduced, but it cannot be less than min_TakeProfit
  • MARTIN - switcher, whether to use martingale
  • Koeficient_Martina - martingale ratio
  • Step_Size_Lot - order increase step
  • Lot_Size - lot size if deposit size = Step_Size_Lot
  • Type_Pause - pause types described below
  • Start_time - EA operation start time
  • Time_PAUSE - pause size, in hours
  • Procent_for_PAUSE - profit percentage, after which the EA is paused

Pause Types

  1. Stop_TP - complete EA stop. After reaching TakeProfit, the EA removes all pending orders and completely stops. To let the trading robot resume its operation, re-start the EA or the terminal.
  2. Pause_TP - temporary stop after reaching TakeProfit, the EA removes all pending orders and enters a sleep mode. Trading is resumed automatically after a specified period of time. You can set any time period multiple of one hour. For example, you can set the EA to start trading on Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. and pause till next Tuesday after reaching TakeProfit. To do this, set Type_Pause = Pause_TP and Tuesday, 7:30 a.m. for Start_time. Then, set Time_PAUSE = 168 (24 hours * 7 days a week = 168). The sample settings are displayed on the fourth screenshot.
  3. Pause_Procent - temporary stop after reaching a specified profit percentage, all orders are closed and pending orders are removed. The EA enters the sleep mode. Trading is resumed automatically after a specified period of time. For example, if Type_Pause = Pause_Procent, Time_PAUSE=24 and Procent_for_PAUSE=1, the EA closes all orders after making a profit of 1%. Trading is resumed only the next day.

The EA has been optimized for EURUSD in September 2015.

Additional optimization is required for working with other symbols.

If you have received notable results during your optimization, please contact me so that we can discuss them!

If you liked the EA, then please rate it!

Nico Bilio
Nico Bilio 2015.11.18 16:23 

so far so good... in backtest´s it never chrashes, but big drawdowns! please update the ea with a stoploss-option, then it´s perfect

Version 2.6 2016.01.19
1. Fixed the error when working with the 4-digit quotes.
2. Added Stop Loss