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The Expert Advisor is intended for intraday/intra-week trading.

The product works on 4 and 5-digit quotes.

The EA works on any timeframe and trades using pending orders.

When the current profit of 2-3 points (19-23 points on five-digit quotes) is reached, the EA closes a trade and starts a new trading session.

When the total profit reaches the specified percentage of the deposit, trading is stopped and resumed only after a restart.

Warning: It is a Martingale! A double-lot opposite order is set at a given distance for each order.

General Recommendations

  • trading with a spread above 4 points (40 points on five-digit quotes) is not recommended;  
  • recommended lot is 0.01 per 1 000 currency units with a leverage of 1:500. with a higher leverage, lot can be increased in proportion, or deposit can be reduced;
  • trading on weekends is not recommended (due to possible gaps where a stop order may trigger). Therefore, set the TotalPercentProfit parameter, so that the EA reaches it by the end of the week (the default value is 1% of the deposit);  
  • before running it on your trading account, test the EA on history with various values of the Step parameter to select the most suitable value for the parameter. 


The default parameters are set for four-digit quotes, deposit - 1 000 units, leverage - 1:500.

Since the EA closes deals when reaching 2-3 points of profit, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels of all orders are meant for Martingale and the EA calculates them automatically based on a symbol spread and specified Step parameter. The stop levels are placed so that a small profit is achieved in case all deals are simultaneously closed by the levels.

  • Lot - lot size. Recommended 0.01 for every 1 000 units of the deposit currency with leverage of 1:500.
  • Step - distance between opposite orders. You can specify any value beginning from a double minimum distance between the price and a pending order allowed by your broker plus a symbol spread, etc. The default value is 20 points. With a lower parameter the number of profitable trades might probably increase, but the risk also increases. With a higher value, on the contrary - the number of profitable trades might probably decrease, but the risk is lower.
  • TotalPercentProfit - profit as a percent of a deposit when the EA should stop. The default is 1 (recommended).
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Version 2.0 - 2015.12.21
1. Simplified the EA's settings - only three input parameters are left and the calculation table is no longer necessary:
- Lot - lot size. Recommended 0.01 per 1000 units of the deposit currency at the leverage of 1:500;
- Step - step, the distance between the opposite pending orders in points. Set to 20 by default;
- TotalPercentProfit - the size of the profit in percents of the deposit, at which the EA stops trading. Set to 1 by default (recommended).

2. Any value can now be specified for the "Step" parameter: from doubled minimal distance between the price and the pending order, allowed by your broker, plus symbol's spread and to infinity. Find the value of the parameter that is optimal for you by testing the EA on history.

3. The Stop Loss and Take Profit levels of all orders are now calculated by the EA itself, according to the symbol's spread value and the value of the specified "Step" parameter, and places them in a way, that during a simultaneous closure of all trades by these levels a small profit would be gained.

4. Scalping: remover the "PercentProfit" parameter; now the EA closes the deal by itself once the deal reaches profit of 2-3 pt. (19-25 pt. on five digits).