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Breaks Bollinger Bands

The indicator trades based on two indicators RSI and Bollinger Bands. It shows best results on EURUSD.

The product requires a low-spread broker with accurate order execution.

For Customers

Please write me a private message, I'll give you recommendations on trading pairs, broker, account type, etc.

Operation Features

  • each deal is protected by stop orders (Stop Loss and Take Profit);
  • additional check of stop loss and take profit's presence in case of connection loss when placing an order;
  • ability to move the order to breakeven;
  • position trailing stop is used;
  • both a fixed lot and a free margin percentage are used;
  • ability to set time limitations for the EA operation;
  • spread control functions. Once the spread decreases, the EA will resume operation;
  • no martingale;
  • does not consume too much CPU resources.


  • MagicNumber = a unique magic number for the strategy
  • UseTrailingSl= activates trailing stop.
  • TrailingStep = trailing stop distance in points
  • UseBreakEvwen= activates breakeven. - The value of breakeven.
  • Numpoint= the distance n points to activate breakeven
  • TradingHours= EA timing.
  • Start_Hour= EA start hour.
  • Finish_Hour= EA finish hour.
  • Spread = if the spread is above 4 points, the EA stops trading. The parameter is customizable.
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