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TREND MAXI EA is a Momentum Break out indicator EA, Which filters the timezone and daily Pivot channel. The Strategy pursuing the trend direction accordance of momentum, also it filters with timzone and pivot channel to avoid false momentum breakout.

TREND MAXI Expert Advisor trades on only EURJPY using market orders. Its using default indicator and trend following on pattern. The indicator's signals are verified by Elder-Ray. Trailing Stop Loss are based on ATR.

The trading robot running good sofar for me, as it has been developed considering trading on a real account. The money-management system allows you to put at risk % of your deposit. Each deal is protected by stop orders (Stop Loss ). During the multiple tests, the maximum drawdown reached 9% on the average, while the absolute one was equal to zero. It means that the Expert Advisor has never reduced the initial deposit.

TREND MAXI Expert Advisor never uses Take Profit.

The EA i started using since 2013 end. I have updated my EA several times.


  • No Martingale
  • No Hedging
  • No Scalping
  • No Grid
  • No Arbitrage
  • Works with 4 and 5 digit trade servers.
  • Error Free

Dis Advantages

Terminal must be online 24 hrs a day (VPS is preferable).

Trading Requirements

  • Trading terminal: MetaTrader 4.0.
  • Pair: Signal for Only EURJPY.
  • Minimum Deposit : $100 or above
  • TimeFrame = H1
  • Spread = 3 Or Below
  • Leverage: 1:100 and higher.
  • Account type: micro, mini or standard.
  • Minimum lot = 0.02 (for trailing purpose). 0.01 also tradable.

Input Parameters (No Need to change default settings)

  • MagicNumber = 786 - MagicNumber
  • Lots = 0.01 -Fixed Lot Size
  • StopLoss = 40 - Stop Loss
  • TakeProfit = 50 - Take Profit
  • StopEA = false - Stop/Disable the Expert Advisor
  • FromHours = 10 - EA Start Hour*
  • ToHours = 20 - EA End Hour
  • Money Management = false - Enable/Disable Money Management
  • RiskInPercent = 1 - Change Percentage of Risk in Trade
  • TrailingON = true - Enable/Disable Trailing Stop
  • BerakEven = true - Enable/Disable Break Even
  • LockFirstProfitinPips = 20 - Lock First Profit in Pips to safe the trade
  • LockFirstProfitPercent = 50 - % of Lot size to be lock to safe the trade
  • ReverseTrade = true - Enable/Disable Reverse order in case of loss order
  • ReverseOrderRiskInPercent = 2 - Reverse Order Risk Percentage
  • Slippage = 4 - Slippage Value
  • MaxSpreadAllowed = 3.5 - Maximum Spread Allowed (Not recommended more than 5 Pips(50 Points)
  • MainSMA = 200 - Main SMA Filter Value
  • RevSMA = 50 - Reverse SMA Filter Value
  • DailyMaxPips = 1.5 - Trade is Allowable when Max. range < DailyMaxPips
  • DailyExit = true - Exit all trades daily at the end of the day
  • StopOnMonth = 12 - Stop Trading @ this month
  • NotifyTrades = false - Notify Trades to Mobile
  • NotifyErrors = false - Notify Errors to Mobile
  • NotifyDailyReport = false - Notify Report to Mobile

*EA Start Hour must be Your MT4 terminal London Open Time.

Eg: London Opens the market at 7:00AM and your MT4 terminal says 10:00AM, you must apply the setting for Start Hours as 10:00AM.

You can receive similar data by downloading the demo version and testing it.

To see the distinction between these EAs it is sufficient to analyze their reports in the terminal's strategy tester.

Don't Expect more trades per day. TRENDMAXI plays less trade.

andrea donatsch
andrea donatsch 2016.01.13 20:58 

sheriff is a superb help and gives you plenty of quality support. i only had the EA for a few days, so I cant really comment on this but it works good so far

shappe8963 2015.10.31 05:54 

one of the best helper I met in Forex market. he is loyal and his EA is perfect.

Version 8.1 2016.09.20
TrendMaxi EURJPY Version 8.1

+ Added additional filter to catch exact Trend
Version 8.0 2016.01.07
Option added for double filter.
Fixed small bugs.
Implemented gap settings for news hours.
Optimized well for better performance.
Version 7.0 2015.11.26
1. Added Filter RSI
2. Added 3 Trailing Stop Profit
3. Added Secure the Profit while trailing
4. Added confirmation by Pivot on Candle Close
5. Many improvements to make perfect
6. ExitOnDayEnd adjusts the time automatically for all brokers

Note: Current live account has some manual trades, which has made higher drawdown. Details discussed on Comments.
Version 6.0 2015.11.18
1. Display GMT time on Display Panel
2. Added parameter for Gap Settings Order, StopLoss, News, Candle, etc.
3. Added Take Profit for Reverse Order (Loss Order Recovery)
4. Added parameter for Pivot enable/disable
5. Added parameter to enable Dynamic Stoploss.
6. Minor issues fixed. Now, the EA has been improved.