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This simple Expert Advisor is based on the Martingale principle.

The EA opens two counter orders and closes the profitable one when a preset profit in pips is reached. After it closes the order, the EA opens two orders again, but the order, which goes in unprofitable direction, is opened with double lot.

All orders are closed when the preset profit is reached.


  • Show comment (true/false) - show or hide comments of the EA (data about balance and orders opened by the EA);
  • Magic – magic number for orders of the EA;
  • Lots – initial lot;
  • Profit_In_Pips – when this profit is reached all positions will be closed;
  • TrailingPercentProfit – percentage of the profit for trailing, when this value is reached, all orders will be closed (if set to 0, all orders will be closed immediately when the preset profit is reached);

The EA does not depend on timeframes and currency pairs.

We recommend to withdraw a part of your funds if the deposit is increased two- or threefold.

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