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Pandora Expert MT4

Pandora Expert MT4 is a developed automated system trading on Forex which is now available for MetaTrader 4. The EA automatically analyzes market volatility and follows the price movement, dynamically places trailing stop and moves profit to breakeven. The EA's basic settings are meant for EURUSD. We have performed over 1500 tests on real (see real account signals) and historical data. This version uses additional indicators which improve accuracy of market entries. The EA does not use arbitrage, grid, martingale, etc. The EA analyzes every market tick, calculates direction and volume of the market. It works on EURUSD М15.

Requirements and Recommendations

  • 5-digit quotes.
  • Recommended sum of spread and commission is at least 20 points.
  • Recommended leverage: 1:100.
  • The EA is optimized for EURUSD M15.
  • Money management calculation - $350 per 0.01 lots.
  • Minimum deposit - $350 for a micro account.
  • Terminal operation - 24/7.
  • We recommend to use with EURUSD M15.


  • Lot: lot size;
  • Takeprofit: take profit;
  • Stoploss: stop loss;
  • Slip: slippage;
  • Risk: risk setting (0-10);
  • Magic: identifier;
  • UseTrailing: flag to use trailing stop;
  • TrailingStart: distance to start trailing stop (when breakeven is set);
  • StepTrall: trailing stop step;
  • FirstTP: take profit changes when moving to breakeven;
  • AutoLot: flag for automated lot calculation;
  • CashByLot: sum per one lot, used in calculation;
  • StartTrading: hour to start trading;
  • StopTrading: hour to end trading;
  • StartDayTrading: day to start trading (Monday = 1);
  • StopDayTrading: day to end trading (Friday = 5).
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Version 2.45 - 2016.01.13
- Simplified parameters to enter the market
- Optimized EA operation
- Added averaging algorithm