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HighLow Scalper

This Expert Advisor works by searching the breakout level (support resistance) of the price from the highest and lowest price of a certain period.

Expert advisor will work automatically by opening the 2 pending order, i.e. order BuyStop and SellStop.

EA is easily customized you according to your needs. You can use the standard stoploss and takeprofit or with trailing stop methods.

In addition, you can set your own timeframe how you want to use as a reference for looking for breakout level.

Each currency pair has a different setting. Please contact me to request the proper settings if you've bought/rented it.

The default setting is only suitable for the EURUSD currency pair.

For more details please see screenshoot and do back test this EA.


  • 5 or 4 digit brokers
  • Minimal leverage 1:300
  • It's recommended to use ecn accounts with low spreads for short-term trading
  • Fastinternet connection.

Input parameter

  • Name: Comment in order
  • MagicNumber: Any number that differs from other EA's numbers running at the same time.
  • TakeProfit: TakeProfit from as many pips.
  • StopLoss: StopLoss from as many pips.
  • Silppage: slippage order
  • FixedLots: Size lots. Only used if UseMM ( Money Management ) is set to false.
  • Risk: Risk in percent from your balance
  • UseMM: Lot adjusted automatically by balance
  • TFReference: Timeframe that want to be used as a reference for the level breakout set it 30 for TF M30, 60 for TF H1, 240 for TFH4, 1440 for TF D1, 10080 for TF W1
  • MinDistance: Minimum distance to open order in point from current price
  • UseTrailling: Set it true if you want to use a trailing stop
  • TraillingStart: Distance in point to begin trailing after profit
  • StepTraillng: Distance from current price to level stoploss
  • StartHour: Hours to start trading
  • EndHour: Hours to finished trading
  • TradingOnMonday: Set it true if you want trading in Monday
  • TradingOnTuesday: Set it true if you want trading in Tuesday
  • TradingOnWednesday: Set it true if you want trading in Wednesday
  • TradingOnThursday: Set it true if you want trading in Thursday
  • TradingOnFriday: Set it true if you want trading in Friday

For customer

Please send a private message if you're having trouble or ask for the appropriate setting

Steven Anderson
Steven Anderson 2015.11.11 10:48   

Running on live account will update performance,

I will not be giving any rating for now as there is no support from Author. Does not answer PM when online, I have been asking many questions since Friday with no response.Since then i have seen the Author online 5 times with no acknowledgment at all.

Review rating will change when i finally get some answers. At the moment Authors Customer service is well below 5 star.