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Night GBPUSD Part Lock Scalper REAL

This is a night scalper with a partially locking algorithm for exit from drawdown.

It has been tested as a demo https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/91029 for more than a year, and now it is available on a real account: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/103498

According to the testing results, 11% drawdown with initial deposit equal to 3500 allows to decrease the original value of the starting deposit in half not crossing the comfortable 20-30% level

Operation Principle

The EA trades on night flat (Asian session). Orders which partially lock the main order series are opened when a certain drawdon level is reached. When a preset profit is gained all orders are closed.

Expert Advisor Aim

Realistic (not pie-in-the-sky) results due to scalping on small market fluctuations. It uses a mechanism of decreasing drawdown via partial locking.

Settings (parameters for 4 digit quotes, automated recalculation for 5 digit quotes)

Main Parameters:

  • Lots=0.01 - initial lot;
  • FirstLot=0.03 - first order lot;
  • TP_1=6.0 - initial profit in points;
  • TP_2=5.0 - profit in points after the number of orders specified in From_TP;
  • Magic_Number=100 - initial magic number;
  • From_TP=5 - number of orders after which the profit is changed to TP_2;
  • Max_Spread=5 - maximum spread at which the first BUY order is opened;
  • Slippage=5 - allowed slippage when orders are opened;
  • UseSound=false - sound notification about opening orders.

Trading Time Restrictions:

  • Friday_TimeOut=true - not to trade on Friday;
  • Work_Time=true - use time limitations for opening first orders;
  • Hour_Begin=23 - hour to start trading;
  • Minutes_Begin=0 - minutes to start trading;
  • Hour_End=2 - hour to end trading;
  • Minutes_End=54 - minutes to end trading.
Abel Liu
2015.12.26 14:23 

Still studying this EA, but looking good so far. My forward test account for this EA :-


Will update accordingly.

Version 4.1 - 2016.07.06
Code optimized
Version 4.0 - 2016.06.14
Added signal block. Optimized the EA operation on the H4 timeframe for the GBPUSD pair.
Version 3.7 - 2015.10.13
1. Info-panel added;
2. Code optimized.