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Diversified Signal

Diversified signal has nothing in common with majority of the indicators represented here. The signal is not a derivative from the Euro-Dollar cost in itself and is calculated by stages:

  1. 18 pairs USDXXX and 11 pairs EURXXX are being analyzed simultaneously on 7 different time scales and the direction of their movement is being estimated (the result is being updated on the screen permanently).
  2. On every time scale the signal for USD is calculated separately out of dollar pairs.
  3. On every time scale the signal for EUR is calculated separately out of euro pairs.
  4. Further 2 biggest time scales (D1 and H8) are taken and signal diffusion between them is made.
  5. From the resulted signals for USD & EUR a signal EURUSD for is calculated

There is no version for MetaTrader 4 yet, but providing enough motivation it can be programmed.

Enjoy it!

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