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Summary: The Expert Advisor unlocks locked positions using a grid of orders and gradually reducing the size of the initial position.


  • It's designed for extreme traders. The Expert Advisor uses locking, grid trading, Martingale. Never uses Stop Loss.
  • Can trade independently, but it's originally designed to help "unlock locks". For better performance, you'll have to adjust the EA operation sometimes.
  • The auto-trading features is used for testing the EA, assessing its effectiveness under various market conditions, as well as selecting the lot size, the distance in the grid, the lot multiplier, and other trade parameters.

Operation Algorithm:

First step - run the EA on the symbol with locked positions. Then it waits until the price makes enough points in any direction. After that it closes the profit part of the lock. This profit partially covers the loss making part. This the EA reduces the position volume.

Second step – the EA opens an additional position in the direction of the loss making deal (averaging). The profit of this position partially closes the remaining part of the position. And again the EA opens a position in the direction of the losing trade. If the price moves against the open position, it will open additional positions of a larger lot (Martingale) after a certain period.

Third step - once the position volume is small enough, the EA will close all the positions with a small profit and stop operation.

If the price sharply goes against the position without any rollbacks, then the EA will return to lock and start all over again. The locked position size may be higher than that of the original one.

You can adjust the EA operation on any step. Use the buttons on the screen:

  • decrease lot - unlock or decrease the lot manually (the first or second step)
  • lock - get back to lock. This will open an opposite order with the same lot size
  • close all - close all the orders regardless of the result.
  • Once there is an opportunity to unlock the position or cut its lot, text (lot left ...) will appear


  • magic number - Expert Advisor ID. Specify your EA magic number or 0 if you traded manually.
  • notification - enable/disable notifications.
  • remove EA - disable the EA after you close all the positions.
  • button size
  • lot to open lock - specify the desired lot for position unlocking. (the first step). The amount is specified for lot 1.00. If you use another lot, the EA will recalculate the value.
  • decrease lot to - at which lot to start grid trading (second step). Amount for lot 1.00.
  • lot step - step to decrease the lot.
  • net step - a distance between orders in the grid, in points.
  • net coefficient - grid lot multiplier (values above 1 are valid)
  • lot to lock - the max lot, at which the full lock is set back
  • profit - the profit t close the profit (third step).
  • autotrade - enable/disable auto trading. The EA places two pending orders - one above the current price, the second one below it.
  • start lot - starting lot for the first position
  • points between - the distance between the orders.

The Expert Advisor contains error handling and free margin checking algorithms.

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Version 1.1 - 2015.10.15
Fixed an error in the definition of maximum lot for returning to lock