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  • The PUNCH was tested on a dollar demo account with a financial instrument of GBPUSD.
  • The PUNCH is a trading robot. Completely autonomous. Opens and closes transactions.
  • All parameters are set automatically to achieve the best results. You don't need to make any optimization and search for combinations with input parameters.
  • Any deposit for successful trading on your discretion.
  • The period set on chart doesn't influence profitability.

Recommendations about operation

  • It isn't recommended to close the PUNCH's transactions manually. The PUNCH will do everything needed.
  • It isn't necessary to open transactions. The PUNCH will do everything.
  • The PUNCH opens two or three transactions per day.
  • Use the high-speed allocated servers in Data Centers for the round-the-clock trade.

From the author

  • Unique technologies, that haven't been applied anywhere else.
  • Don't test the PUNCH on history in the Strategy Tester. Open a dollar demo account and run the robot on the GBPUSD chart.

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Version 150.924 - 2015.09.24
Tracking of points for an entrance
Version 150.916 - 2015.09.17
The expectation element is built in
Version 150.908 - 2015.09.15
Output of information about the deposit to the e-mail server.