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Trend Extreme Dashboard

The Trend Extreme Dashboard EA is a unique multi currency EA based on the Trend Wave Extreme EA. It will monitor up to 25 pairs based on their Trend , volatility and Extreme Market Conditions. A score will be calculated for each pair's Trend and Extreme and once their scores reach high enough trades will be placed.

Additional limits and restrictions can be placed to prevent opening of new trades. The Trend Extreme Dashboard EA is also ideal for use with the Loss Recovery Trader.


  • Dashboard_Mode (true/false): This option is where is determined if the EA will be used on only an instrument individually ('false') or in several ('true')
  • entry_trend_score: Enter a value between 0 to 100. This value determines how strong the Trend score should be at least ,in order for a trade to be placed.
  • entry_extreme_score: Enter a value between -100 to 0. This value determines how strong the Extreme score should be at least ,in order for a trade to be placed. Negative value to be placed.
  • Seek confirmation (true/false): Setting this to 'true' will imply the EA will look for two consecutive candles to the Trend direction prior to opening the trade.
  • counter_trend_trades: Setting this to 'true' implies sell trade will open when a symbol is Overbought and buy trades when a symbol is Oversold irrespective of the Trend Score.
  • minpipmove: The minimum pip move in one direction the symbol needs to make in order for trades to initiate.
  • trend_timframe: Select which timeframe the Trend Score will be calculated at.
  • extreme_timframe: Select which timeframe the Extreme Score will be calculated at.
  • confirmation_candles_timframe: Select which timeframe the seek confirmation candles will be calculated at.
  • cooldown_minutes: The interval in minutes that need to be spent between the last closed trade and a new trade to be opened.
  • rerun_minutes: This is how often in minutes the Expert Advisor will recalculate the Trend/Extreme scores.
  • Take Profit: Take Profit in pips
  • Stop Loss: Stop Loss in pips
  • Enable_Trailing_Stop: Enables Trailing Stop
  • Trailing_Stop_Start_Level: Trailing Stop Activation Level in pips
  • Trailing_Stop_Distance: Trailing Stop Distance in pips
  • Limits: These options determine some boundaries that once reached no new trades will be initiated by the Trend Extreme Expert Advisor.
  • Max Cycles: Maximum different symbols to have active trades.
  • Max Trades For Single Cycle: The max number of active trades in a single symbol.
  • Max Lot For Single Cycle: The max number of net lots active in a single symbol.
  • Max Margin: Maximum Account Used Margin.
  • Max Floating Loss: Biggest negative floating loss ( enter value in negative).
  • Min Margin Level: Minimum Margin Level account can reach.
  • Lot: Fixed lot size for trade.
  • Auto_Lot: If set to 'true' Lot is calculated as % from balance. The bigger balance is, the bigger the lot.
  • Lot_Percents: When Auto Lot is 'true' Lot is calculated as this % from balance.
  • Use_Spread_Filter: Avoid taking trades when spread is too high.
  • Max_Spread: Max Spread Value.
  • Use_Time_Filter: Setting this to 'true' will not open new trades outside specific hours.
  • Hour_Start: The hour of the day after which trades can open.
  • Hour_Stop: The hour of the day after which no new trades can open.
  • Slippage: Maximum allowed slippage.
  • EA_Orders_Comment: Orders Comments.
  • Magic: EA magic number. Change this number in case you will use this EA more than once in the same instrument.
  • Currency Settings: In these options you set information about the symbols that are to be traded.
  • Currencies_Used: How many of the currencies to be used. The EA will select this number of currencies based on the order they were written.
  • Currency#: The user can input up to 25 currencies to be potentially traded. Ensure that each of those appear in the Market Watch.
  • Symbol_prefix: If your broker has a prefix in front of the name of ALL THE INPUT Currency# eg. ECN-EURUSD, you can write this prefix (ECN-) here to inform the EA to seek for that instrument instead.
  • Symbol_suffix: If your broker has a suffix after the name of ALL THE INPUT Currency# eg. EURUSD.micro, you can write this suffix here (.micro) to inform the EA to seek for that instrument instead.
Christian Schuller
2016.08.19 15:00 

Nice signals. Highly customizable. Works nice with EA Loss recovery trader.

2016.04.20 15:53 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Aleksey Lebedev
2016.02.12 15:11 

Купил данный советник вместе с Loss Recovery, настроил как рекомендует разработчик, хорошо работает на явных трендах, но если попадает в боковик, сливает счет.

Сделал собственного советника, который торгует по принципу Мартингейла с высокой доходностью и умеренными рисками за счет нового разработанного алгоритма торговли который учитывает ATR.

Торговля ведется с учетом новостей в полуавтоматическом режиме, выключается заблаговременно до новостей, для того, чтобы все сделки успели закрыться.


P.S. 50% просадки это 200 пунктов против входа в рынок 03.02.2016, АТС все выдержала, двигаемся дальше. (многие советники работающие по Мартингейлу в этот день вообще слили счета)

Frederick Fung
2015.11.26 03:10 

Hi All Traders!

If youre looking to know that youre going to win from this point forth then dont hesitate to jump in and get this EA!

Here is my old Signal with 10k profit!


Here will be my new signal!


Daniel Gonzalez
2015.11.04 14:37 


Very simple, very manageable and very changeable tool.

the short time I've been with both'm very happy.

It is also highly recommended and is great to have the support at all times of its creator.

attention is excellent and personalized


2015.09.23 20:03 

Like the previous reviewers I am using this with Loss Recovery Trader. Very flexible and easy to customize yet well explained and straight forward. Couldn't be happier.

Support couldn't be better, thank you Mike.

2015.09.22 12:34 

I use it with Loss Recovery Trader, and i like it very much.

The support and goodwill of Mike at the highest level.

2015.09.13 11:44 

I have basically been using this since Mike posted it a week or two ago and only have good things to say.

The strategy that the EA is based on is straightforward and makes total sense as to why it works (have a read of the indicator manual that the EA is based on, also obviously by Mike) - theres no "proprietary" or hidden BS here. The great thing as well is that you have a lot of different ways to set the EA up and trade. Once you are ready to go, the dash makes it really easy to monitor key account and trade data for across all pairs.

Personally I've been using it with Mikes other EA loss recovery trader, similar to Mike's signal. I've been profitable (but obviously I do acknowledge that it is still early days). Will possibly post up a myfxbook down the track.

Support from Mike has been fantastic. I've asked Mike a ton of dumb questions and his always gets back to me and with an honest and comprehensive response. Couldn't ask for more from a seller.

Version 1.20 - 2015.12.25
Spread Filter issue resolved
Version 1.10 - 2015.12.18
- Resolved some issues with the spread filter and cooldown time.