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Diamond Scalper BD

Great News For Trader who Love Scalping Ea. "DIAMOND SCALPER © BLACK DIAMOND" its fully automated advance system based on very simple logic with 30 MIN chart. Back test Result awesome. Have look In Screen Short. Strongly recommendation for use V.P.S Hosting 7/24 for more efficiency.

For Customers

Please write the author in private message to know which pair can be traded for current year, what broker, account type and other recommendation.

Back Test Results

  • 30 MIN Time Frame Best for Trade with "DIAMOND SCALPER © BLACK DIAMOND".
  • From 2015/01/01 to 2015/09/22 its make from 50$ to 638382.66$ in EUR/USD pair in 30 MIN time frame.
  • From 2015/01/01 to 2015/09/22 its make from 50$ to 1254305.42$ in XAU/USD pair in 30 MIN time frame.
  • From 2014/01/01 to 2015/08/27 its make from 50$ to 2107227.78$ in EUR/USD Pair in 30 MIN time frame.
  • U can DO Back Test For Any Year As U want.

Recommended Brokers

I strongly Recommended for 0 spared true ECN broker where commission also very low.

Account type = ECN USD.

I Recommended Only 5 Digits Broker. Bcz 5 Digits is really perfect for scalping.

Recommended Pairs

Recommended pair EUR/USD & XAU/USD only.

Initial Deposit and Minimum Leverage

Minimum Deposit for "DIAMOND SCALPER © BLACK DIAMOND" need 50$, More deposit more profit.

I personally use 1:500 leverage, U can use any leverage.

EA Setting and Input

This Ea setting default for EUR/USD.

  • B_Diamond_Full_Profit = 80 Use as Special News. Some time we see market dropped or up very fast. So this situation can be handled Using this Parameter.
  • B_Diamond_Stage_Use = true Use True for stop Loss Set After Indicator. If False Then Stop loss Set Exact Pips
  • Scalping_Stop Loss = 7 Stop loss Use for Scalping.
  • Scalping_Special_B_Diamond_Hit_1 = 49 Use As Take Profit 1
  • Scalping_Special_B_Diamond_Hit_2 = 49 Use As Take Profit 2
  • B_Diamond_Count = true Broker Lot Size Increase from Time To Time. If False Then No Increase.
  • B_Diamond_Broker_Lot_Position = 100 How Much Lot Increase by EA Time to Time. If u set B_Diamond_Broker_Lot_Position=1, then after few trade/ Loop ea lot size will be 1 and continue as lot size 1 max
  • B_Diamond_Frequency_Exactly = 20 How Much Frequency U Want, Its Depended On Calculating Previous BRA Issue.
  • B_Diamond_Risk_Wanna_Take = 0.15 How Much Lot Size U Wanna Take & Depended On Risk, If u set 0.15 then Ea will open low lot size & Time to Time lot size will increase. If u set 0.6 then ea open high lot size. All lot size must take after calculation of account balance, Free Margin, Account Leverage Issue.
  • Use Filter Spread = yes Wanna Spread Use Yes or Not
  • Max Spread Use = 12 How Much Max Spread want use.
  • B_Diamond_Profit_Per = 100 Ea will close All Open Position After How Much Profit Percentage Basic.
  • B_Diamond_Loss_Per = 5 Ea Will Close All Open Position After How Much Loss Percentage Basic.
  • B_Diamond_Alert = false If False Then No Alert Get. If True U will Get Alert every open/close/pending order done by EA
  • Magic Number = 3030 Magic Number
  • Good_Luck =true Always Good Time & Luck With U.


  • Do not run the EA in your computer and your VPS at the same time. That causes double trading. It will result in loss due to lack of free margin.
  • Do not run the 2nd EA or other manual trading including signals on the same account. Otherwise, orders are automatically closed and that causes losses due to lack of free margin.
  • Please use our recommended SET files for each currency pair.
2016.01.23 19:30 

Still Now i am in good profit.

Recommended product for all.

Dmitrij Sirocenko
2016.01.12 20:19 

Очень плохой товар. Я потерял все деньги. И открывал я счет в Tickmill. Не тратьте деньги. Другие отзывы купленные.

Sameer Nizamuddin
2015.12.31 11:34 

With Demo works perfect but since moved to Real 10 trades 1 win and all loss

2015.12.29 21:42   

Diamond Scalper BD is a good product that works very well. I would recommend for people who want to earn on forex.

2015.11.20 21:06 

Very Happy With This EA. A++++++++++++++

Providing customer support good.

Recommended Product.

Version 5.9 - 2015.12.18
Major Engine Update.
Version 5.5 - 2015.11.09
Повышена эффективность работы советника во время сильных рыночных движений.
Добавлена поддержка суффиксов в именах символов (EURUSD.ecn, XAUUSD.ecn).