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Recovery Pro

Fully automated and adaptive Expert Advisor using the Zone Recovery Algorithm on strategic locations.

For assistance please feel free to contact me.


  • 100% Automated
  • Works with any broker
  • FIFO compliant
  • All trades are protected with a stop loss and take profit
  • Not sensitive to spread
  • Uses built in complex indicator to identify trade setups
  • Can be used in scalping, swing and long term depending on settings
  • The EA works in any pair and timeframe. The default settings are configured for EURUSD H1


  • Recovery Strategy - select the Zone Recovery Strategy you want to apply
  • Reuse Zones - increases the number of trades per zone
  • Max Hedge Orders - maximum number of hedge positions
  • Pending Order Min Space - minimum distance in pips from the buy entry line and sell entry line to open pending orders
  • Max Drawdown Allowed(%) - emergency close of all trades when a drawdown percentage is reached
  • Spread in Pips - enter the spread your broker uses
  • Min Bars - minimum number of bars to detect signals
  • Deviation - maximum deviations of support and resistance levels
  • Range Filter - increasing this avoids more market noise
  • Min Zone Pips - minimum range in pips to qualify as a recovery zone
  • Max Zone Pips - maximum range in pips to qualify as a recovery zone
  • Max History Bars - maximum historical bars to read
  • Auto Lots - set to true to use the risk-based money management. Set to false to use fixed lots
  • Risk - use risk percentage to calculate lots.
  • Manual Lots - manual lot size.
  • Magic Number - use (-1) for auto magic number
  • Trade Comment - comment the EA uses


  • VPS
  • Leverage at least 1:200
  • Minimum balance of 1000 for standard accounts, 10 for cent accounts
  • Low Spread broker improves result
Ngkeanjin Jim
2016.04.23 06:30 

awesome awesome, no loss at all

Sebastian Marello
2016.01.22 16:30 

Excelente EA, muy confiable, con ganancias moderadas pero constantes!! Lo recomiendo.

Doaa Elwy
2015.12.22 14:45   

I justed rented it, but it didn't add any Buy or sell orders, just show buy levels and sell levels.

Don't know what is going wrong

Version 2.0 - 2015.11.23
Improved calculation of the built-in indicator.
Improved the filter.
Added "Pair Spread" setting that helps the EA perform better in the live environment.