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Journaling On Chart


This script aims to write the rules used on chart before opening trading on the chosen pair.

It is normal for each currency pair has its own rules of trading, and is virtually impossible for the trader to memorize them all. It is very common practice to "Journaling" where the trader describes the steps you should take before opening a market order.

For example, for the EUR/USD, trader may use the following steps before opening the order:

  • 1º: Expect 4H candle closing.
  • 2º: Not go against the trend before the US market close.
  • 3º: Check the dollar index before opening the order.
  • 4º: No news trading.
  • 5º: ...

Journaling On Chart was written to facilitate the life of the trader, displaying rules directly on the graph before opening the market order, rather than having to resort to some writing journal trading.

Input Parameters

  • Rule1 - The first rule description.
  • Rule1Size - Size of the font used.
  • Rule1Color - Font color.
  • Rule2 - .....
useremerson 2017.08.22 16:10 

Produto muito bom. Fácil e objetivo de usar. Recomendo!