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The robot locks positions.

  • It closes a sell position in case of a buy signal.
  • It closes a buy position in case of a sell signal. 

Input Parameters

  • SaveQuotes - save quotes for the first terminal.
  • SaveQuotes - open quotes and trade for the second terminal.
  • symbol - symbol.
  • OpenLevel - symbol strength.
  • SlippageOpen - slippage to open an order.
  • SlippageClose - slippage to close an order.
  • MinTimeMinut - time period to close the next position after the first one has been closed.


  1. To launch the EA, use brokers with fast quotes and SaveQuotes = true, and a slow broker with SaveQuotes = false
  2. Open a Buy position and a Sell position. Or open just one position - Buy or Sell.
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