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EA Pack

EA Pack contains a package of Expert Advisors that can be used in any configuration and on any pairs!

The already implemented strategies:

  • RSITrail_Strategi_1 - trading by RSI and trailing orders.
  • GridRSI_Strategi_2 - the grid strategy that is able to work in different directions from the price and (or) the balance simultaneously.
  • TrendTrail_Strategi_3 - based on the channel breakout (the channel is formed by the EA).
  • Scalper_Strategi_4 - based on the intra-hour trend reversal (when major participants enter the market) working only by a daily trend.
  • Speed_Strategi_5 uses two oscillators: they show a trend, its power and speed (or acceleration phase).
  • Gap_Strategi_6 enters the market if a price gap (between the last and next-to-last candles) exceeds the value specified in the parameters (in points).
  • Math_Strategi_7 - strategy without indicators, works both ways, math only.
  • Arbitrate_Strategi_8 - Arbitration, based on the price movement to one side.
  • Rebound_Strategi_9 - The essence of the strategy is the opposite rebound from the previous time interval.

Free version - https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/11093

Additional information is in the Comments section.

Some details concerning the EA are deliberately left undisclosed!

Your feedback is appreciated! I will consider your offers and add improvements in the shortest possible time!


There is a strategy ID at the end of each parameter

To Activate Strategies - Enable/Disable Strategy Activation Mode

Example: Specify the name Scalper_Strategi_4 and its ID=4 (defining the strategy parameters).

  • True - strategy enabled. False - strategy disabled.

Money Manager - Risk Management

  • Risk - leverage percentage of available funds. If a lot is less than 0.01, it is changed to 0.01. Example: Risk of 4 at the deposit of 1 000 = 0.04. If Risk is 0.5 and the deposit is 10 000 = 0.05.


  • FixLot - fixed lot value, only Risk parameter is canceled.
  • GridStep - set a distance between the grid orders (in points). Set 0 for the step adaptive analysis.
  • MaxTraid - maximum amount of trades (after reaching the value, the EA should be restarted).

Trailing - trailing

  • TrailingStop - StopLoss movement distance from the price.
  • TrailStep - enable TrailingStep.
  • TrailingStep - interval, at which TrailingStop is checked.
  • Bezubitok - enable breakeven (breakeven - StopLoss stops at the order open price).

Martingale - Multipliers

  • Multuplier - lot multiplier.
  • OrdersLoss - amount of loss-making trades followed by Multuplier.
  • AutoLot - cancel the above parameters and activate the ones below:
  • MaxRisk - maximum risk.
  • AntiMultuplier - risk is divided by the parameter after a profitable trade.
  • MinRisk - minimum risk.

TP and SL - TakeProfit and StopLoss

Common profit and loss level indication, however:

  • StopLoss2 - profitable grid close level (in points) from the last order.
  • Dist8 - distance in points from the differently directed orders.


  • Gap6 - gap distance (in points) for making a deal.
  • Traid7 - operation mode ( buy, sell , All).
  • MaxTraid8 - maximum number of orders opened by the EA at a time.
  • Ordercomment - order comment.
  • Slippage - slippage (difference between the price you specify in an order and the actual order execution price).

Magic - ID number

This block contains unique IDs of each EA (strategy). All IDs should be different. These IDs allow EAs to distinguish their orders.

Indicator - Indicator Settings

  • RSIPeriod - the RSI indicator period. Number of bars used for the indicator calculation.
  • GridRSIPeriod2 - the RSI indicator period. Number of bars used for the indicator calculation.
  • MathiMAPeriod7 - the period of the МА indicator. Number of bars used for the indicator calculation.
  • H1 only.
  • The default settings are for EURUSD H1.
  • No optimization, no fitting to history. You can choose your own settings or apply the standard ones.
  • Before launching the EA, make sure you have the standard indicators.
  • The minimum deposit is not important, but remember that the minimum lot on the market is 0.01.
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Version 8.0 - 2016.01.28
Added new strategy id =7, "Math" - based only on mathematics.
Standard parameters of the Scalper changed to more modest ones.

Added strategy id = 8, "Arbitrate" - Arbitrage, based on the price movement to one side.

Added strategy id = 9, "Rebound" - Rebound, based on the rollback of the previous day.

Added parameters:

Traid7 - similar setting for 7 strategies, with the addition of 2 extra points that are relevant for the strategies "fromMA" - from MA (buy order will be opened when the price goes above the МА indicator, thus we set the strategy for the continuation of the trend), "toMA" - to MA (thus the strategy will work with the expectation that the price rebounds and moves inside the channel, buy order will be opened if the price is below the MA indicator).

iMAPeriod7 - setting for the MA indicator which is used by the strategy 7 (the parameter has no meaning if the MA filter is not used in the "Traid7" parameter)

Arbitrate_Strategi_8 - a standard procedure of enabling/disabling strategies. But I separated it as it will be disabled by default, because not all brokers permit such strategy, therefore consult your broker before enabling it.

Dist8 - channel length in points for the hedging strategies №8 (details in the Comments section).

MaxTraid8 - maximum number of orders opened by the EA at a time (only the trades of the strategy №8 are considered), this parameter is designed to protect the deposit in the events of unforeseen circumstances.

Minor fixes:

Changed the color of the new strategies - buy is predominantly blue (dark\light), sell is red (dark\light).

Added notification to the strategy №8: "Error, expert id-8. To continue the work of the expert , close the already opened orders id-8." It is generated in case of closing the terminal with orders already opened by this strategy. The thing is, the EA is able to find its orders after a strategy reboot, but it can no longer find the levels at which it buys or sells (there is a solution for this problem, but it is questionable, therefore I decided that this is the way to go).
Version 6.53 - 2015.09.11
New panel for monitoring deals and strategies.
New block of grid step correction in case of an error.
Version 6.51 - 2015.09.07
Market entry filter now uses a wider range (since the signal may fail to proceed sending order to a server)

Fixed auto lot (when opening an order in cases where there is another open order and no history. The EA didn't know what lot to set for the second order. Now the EA uses the lot of the first order in this case)