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Arbitrage MT4 Limit


The EA trades a fast broker against a slow broker.

The EA requires two open terminals .

The fast broker provides quotes.

The slow broker receives quotes and opens a position as a limit order.

Settings of the EA

Only a few settings matter when configuring the expert advisor.

  • save_quotes instructs the EA to act as the Fast Broker (false) or the Slow broker (true).
  • symb_name instructs the EA to send quotes to other broker for the selected currency pair.
  • SL – safety stop loss.
  • TP – safety take profit.
  • lost_ – volume of the open position.
  • limit – distance from the price to place a limit order.
  • Delete_limit_sec – time in seconds to delete a limit order.
The EA can run on history due to abrupt movements on history data.

At that you need to start only one terminal.

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