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Ticks Show

The Ticks Show indicator shows tick flow parameters in a separate window. Two types of parameters are available:

  1. bid line and increment histogram
  2. bid line and speed histogram


  • Show Ticks - number of displayed ticks.
  • InpCharacter - displayed parameter type
  • Color.

We recommend leaving the default number of displayed ticks.

Attention! At the moment of publication, correct tick flow processing is possible only when connecting to the MetaQuotes-Demo server. The MetaTrader 5 platform build should be 1210 or higher.

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Version 3.36 - 2016.03.24
Added display of a number of points between the upper and lower indicator values.
Added tick flow type in the indicator window: ask line and increment histogram.
Version 3.35 - 2016.02.03
Minor drawing fixes.
Version 3.31 - 2015.11.11
Fixed bug.
Version 3.3 - 2015.11.05
Now, the two types of tick flow parameters can be displayed in the indicator window: bid line and increment histogram; bid line and speed histogram.