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Steep Dive

The EA monitors the market and places pending orders during backward movements in case of leap of quotes.

The minimum amount of settings makes the EA easy to use. The EA is optimized for EURUSD, М5, 5-digit quotes, an ECN account.

  • Not martingale
  • Each order has fixed stop loss
  • The product contains protection against spread increase in high market volatility
  • Built-in trailing


  • Show comment (true/false) - show/hide EA comments (deposit and parameters)
  • Fix_Lot - 0.0 (money manager) - if 0, the EA calculates the lot according to your deposit and risk percentage. Otherwise, enter the lot size manually
  • Risk - 50.0 (risk percentage) - limit the maximum risk size in % of the deposit (in % of your deposit, 100% is a maximum value; if a greater value is specified, it is replaced with 100 automatically)
  • Magic - magic number for this EA's orders

The Expert Advisor is intended to be used on ECN accounts.

The built-in money manager allows you to start from a minimum deposit. The bigger the deposit, the faster the EA will be. Those who do not like pretty pictures with millions can set a fixed lot size.

Recommended pairs - EURUSD, 5-digit quotes. Recommended periods - M5.

Yves Murundelger
Yves Murundelger 2017.02.08 21:47 

On real the limit order don't follow the trend as it doe's with Backtest so loosing always.

Luca Laurienzo
Luca Laurienzo 2015.11.18 07:55   

There is something strange when you try to backtest this indicator, cause using the same broker, same cross, same period it will always show different results. Is it reliable?

Version 1.20 2015.10.01
Optimized the algorithm
Version 1.10 2015.09.24
Added the new changeable parameter:
StopLoss - stop loss level protecting against a spread extension. It appears after an order is activated.
Completely revised the pending order modification algorithm.