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Multi Currency Pairs Martingale System

This is EA using the martingale and averaging strategy.

This strategy is low risk and high profitability than the normal martingale.

Weakness of Martingale is that the order lots increase at an accelerated pace, but also it reduces the profit if the first lot is small.

Therefore, to achieve low risk and high profitability by trading many currency pairs in parallel while small first lot.

How to use

This EA does not work with the default settings.

You can trade only symbols specified in the second screen shot (it is not possible to trade a different currency pair in the strategy tester).

By doing this you can trade multiple currency pairs in single chart window.

Minimum deposit: $10,000 or 10,000 Cents.


  • lotMultiplier: This parameter is calculation of lot for the next position.
  • profitBoost: You will get a more higher profit when the high lot.
  • symbol1-50: Write the symbol name to be traded here.
  • takeProfitValue1-50: Distance to profit.
  • range1-50: Minimum range to averaging (Unit is points).
  • openOrder: If it is false, will not a new order (Use when closing out).
  • buyMagicNumber: Unique number 1.
  • sellMagicNumber:Unique number 2.
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