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MiniColliderEA is a trading assistant which allows to automate operation of Virtual Collider Manual Expert Advisors produced by IPA Investments LTD: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/ypy

The main target of the MiniColliderEA trading robot is not just to provide orders for Virtual Collider Manual, but also to perform a powerful analysis of the market situation, detect a current trend on a currency pair, cut off flat and transient market conditions. It is necessary to ensure that the grid made by the Virtual Collider Manual EA, would not burgeon too much and cause margin call.

The next important function of the MiniColliderEA is a balance of positions being opened, which minimizes drawdown and “holds” Equity close to Balance. This balancing is essential in case of sharp movement on the market and important news.

And there is a third emergency function for force major market situations. This is adjustable limitation of losses as percentage of the deposit. Thus you will never lose all your funds.

This version of the MiniColliderEA trading robot supports all symbols: Forex, CFD, any timeframe.

Key Features

  • Automated supply of orders.
  • Balancing positions being opened.
  • Ability of unlimited scaling number of subgrids and their orders.
  • Optimization is not required.
  • High operability, no needless setting.
  • Powerful system of market situation evaluation for order supply.

Description of the Main Expert Advisor Settings

  • Go_trade – true/false, allow/prohibit real trading preserving indication of the EA's operation.
  • Lots – lot size for trading.
  • Max_Spread – maximum spread for 5-digit quotes. Orders will not be opened if this value is exceeded.
  • Slippage – maximum slippage when opening an order.
  • Magic – unique number of orders assigned to them at the moment of opening.
  • Comment_order - unique comment to orders assigned to them at the moment of opening.
  • MaxDrawDown – maximum slippage as % of the deposit. All orders on all pairs are closed when this value is reached! If MaxDrawDown = 100, this parameter is not used and your deposit is not protected.
  • NSeries – maximum number of subgrids which can be created by the EA.
  • MaxOrd_One_Series – this parameter specifies a number of orders in one series after which the next subgrid can be opened.
  • UsePairs – currency pairs for analyzing the current market situation. Do not change this list unnecessarily.

EA Performance on a Real Account

You can check performance of the EA on my real account via links specified below:

Necessary Conditions for the EA Operation

  • Trading deposit: US $50,000 or 50,000 cents with initial lot equal to 0.01
  • Broker requirement: ability to have at least 500 open orders (with simultaneous operation on 8 currency pairs)
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Version 2.2 - 2015.09.07
This version of MiniColliderEA works with Virtual Collider Manual 5.0 and higher.
The developer (IPA Investments LTD) has changed the basic order management logic in Virtual Collider Manual Expert Advisor, so it has become necessary to implement multiple changes.
Also, the following additional parameters have been added:

1) Separate lot sizes for BUY and SELL positions
2) Opposite_Trade - trade from the borders of the H4 channel.
It is recommended to enable the parameter if your deposit exceeds 100.000, while the initial lot should be 0.01
3) Very important parameter StopLossSignal_Use
It is recommended to enable this option at all times.
It closes all positions for the particular symbol (MiniColliderEA is launched at) if the global trend changes against open positions.
This function allows you to close a loss-making series at the very beginning without bringing the situation to MaxDrawDown activation!
Version 1.7 - 2015.08.20
Improved the EA's logic.