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The Expert Advisor has been designed for EURUSD H1.

It is strongly recommended to use an ECN broker with low spreads and fast execution. The recommended amount is $500 or higher. We strongly recommend that you use this EA at VPS.


  • Start Lot Size - starting lot size is optimized for best results with a low drawdown. It can be increased for higher profits but increases drawdown and decreased to lower risk & drawdown
  • Stop Loss - highly optimized, so no need to modify, however it can be done.
  • Take Profit - highly optimized, so no need to modify, however it can be done.
  • Lot Size Multiplier Buy & Sell Orders - keep it equal to one to use fixed lot size; you can use higher lot size for fixed lot size, also try different sizes and use best with the lowest drawdown


  • News filter - there will be no trades opened when important news is coming.
  • Auto Lots - lot size is chosen automatically on the basis of the balance. The default value is 120 which is a high risk.
  • Smart Exit - the EA is programmed to exit the positions if there is change in the trend.
  • Trailing - ensure the profit is locked.



Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.25 07:25 

1 Star (20%) = Bad

2 Stars (40%) = Undecided (still testing)

3 Stars (60%) = Okay

4 Stars (80%) = Good

5 Stars (100%) = Excellente!

Andrey Litvichenko
Andrey Litvichenko 2017.10.27 06:14 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Eleni Anna Branou
Eleni Anna Branou 2017.02.15 18:39 

Nice EA, high DD though.

Version 1.50 2015.11.18
V.1.5. Further increased accuracy and lowered drawdown.
Version 1.3 2015.08.27
The EA is updated for using a broker with symbol suffix & GMT.