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  • CycleTrapImpulse is a fully automated EA for Forex trading. Feature is the trend-following EA using the Elder Impulse.
  • The EA works on M15. Target currency is GBPJPY and USDJPY.
  • It is not recommended to use the EA if STOPLEVEL on GBPJPY exceeds 20 pips.
  • It is not recommended to use the EA if STOPLEVEL on USDJPY exceeds 10 pips.


  • FUNDA - buying and selling if "0", buying only if "1" and selling only if "-1".
  • magic - set magic number.
  • lots - set the number of lots. 0.1 means ten thousand currency.
  • maxCnt - set the maximum number of positions.
  • profitPips - set profit in pips.
  • losscutPips - set losscut in pips. In some cases to be closed by the internal logic.
  • TestGMTOffset - if you want to back test, set the GMTOffset of server. In the case of the production operation, it does not need to be set because it automatically get the GMTOffset of server.
Matthew Todorovski
2018.05.10 17:24 

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Version 2.70 - 2017.03.02
The maximum number of positions became 2.
Also, in the 2nd position we will reverse trading.