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GroupBreakEven script is a useful tool for calculate breakeven price when you have more than one open position. For example when you open 3 or 4 or ... more positions (Sell or Buy orders, instant or pending or complex of all types) with different lot, how can you calculate breakeven price point?... It is simple this script which shows breakeven price point with a line or a message box and you can easily move all stop loss to this point.

Input Parameters:

  • MagicNumber - your open orders have magic number (Experts usually use this number). You can set this parameter to definite number and script will use only this orders in calculation.
  • DraweLine - if it set to true, script draws a horizontal line for showing breakeven price, otherwise script shows breakeven price in message box.
  • LineColor - horizontal line color.
  • LineWidth - horizontal line width.
  • LineStyle - horizontal line style.
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