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This Expert Advisor is based on RSI (Relative Strength Index). It can operate in several modes.

  1. Break – the EA buys when the indicator crosses the upper UpRSI level upwards and sells when the indicator crosses the lower DnRSI downwards.
  2. Rollback – the EA sells when the indicator crosses the upper UpRSI level downwards and buys when the indicator crosses the lower DnRSI upwards.

The EA uses market orders. It has the breakeven and trailing stop functions. The EA opens deals in Market Execution mode. Take Profit and Stop Loss are placed after order execution and modified in accordance with the EA settings.


  • MM – traded lot is calculated based on risk per trade;
  • BalanceRisk – risk percentage per deal for trading lot calculation;
  • FixLots – trading lot;
  • Takeprofit – take profit;
  • Stoploss – stop loss;
  • MaxSpread – maximum allowable spread size;
  • Comment – order comment;
  • Magic – magic number;
  • Action – working mode;
  • OpenNewBar – enable/disable the new bar check for opening orders;
  • Period – indicator period;
  • TimeFrame – indicator timeframe;
  • Price – indicator price type;
  • Shift – indicator shift;
  • UpRSI – indicator upper level;
  • DnRSI – indicator lower level;
  • Breakeven – enable/disable breakeven;
  • BreakevenStart – number of points to move positions to breakeven;
  • BreakevenStep – distance to place a breakeven level;
  • Trailing – enable/disable trailing by points;
  • TrailingStart – minimum number of points for trailing;
  • TrailingStop – number of points to start trailing stop;
  • TrailingStep – trailing stop step;
  • ShowInfo – display/hide information on the trading;
  • Languages – language of the displayed trading data;
  • TextColor – displayed data color.
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