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Order Cutter

You can slice your existing pending orders or you can create new orders (many pieces) with this script.

If you want to slice an existing pending order you need only specify the number of pieces and the order's ticket number.

Input Parameters

  • Pieces (default: 1) – how much will be dismemberment the order.
  • New Order (default: No) – New or existing pending order.
  • Ticket Number (default: 0) – The number of the existing pending order.
  • Order Type (default: none) – Trade operation type.
  • ECN Broker (default: Yes) – Is your broker ECN or not.
  • Open Price (default: 0.0) – Order open price.
  • Total Lot (default: 0.0) – Volume of total lot.
  • Stop Loss (default: 0.0) – Stop loss level.
  • Take Profit (default: 0.0) – Take profit level.
  • Comment (default: none) – Order comment text.
  • Magic Number (default: 0) – Order magic number.
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